This is the transcript Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Charge:The Ghostest With the Mostest/Transcript in Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Narrator: Millions of years, the evil Sledge...

Sledge: Fire!

Narrator:...tried to steal the greatest power in the universe.

Sledge: Bring me the Energems

Narrator: But an alien named Keeper entrusted them to dinosaurs.

Keeper: You must keep the Energems safe.

Narrator: As for Sledge....

Sledge: It's a bomb!

Narrator: He's was blasted into deep space. Now, the Energems have been found, and Sledge returns to battle a new team of heroes.

Tyler: Dino Charger!

Rangers: Ready!

Narrator: They are Power Rangers Dino Charge!

(On Sledge's Ship)

Wrench: The rangers and those heroes may have destroy Duplicon, but I've adapted this machine to be able to reanimated him perfectly. (Turns on the machine)

(Duplicon was brought back to life)

Duplicon: I'm alive!


Sledge: Great! The bounty on him is worth 20,000 space bullion.



Sledge: Lock him up, and we'll collect every cent.

Duplicon: Only I you numbskulls can catch me. I'm outta here!

Sledge: You can't escape. We're in outer space, you fool!


(Curio and Sonata Dusk are about to go out)

Curio: Happy Halloween! Boy, I can't wait to go trick or treating!

Sonata Dusk: Me neither!

(Duplicon runs in Curio and Sonata Dusk)

Spikeball: Get that duplicating dope.

Duplicon: Please! Don't put me in your slimy, stinking cells?


Sledge: How dare you insult my beautiful cells.

Mistress Nine: (sees a prisoner) What are you looking at?

Sledge: Knock it off, Memorella!

Memorella: Mind Beam! (Blasted Sledge against a cell)

Sledge: What is she doing?


Fury: The Energems are all yours, Master Sledge.

Sledge: The entire universe will grovel before me. (sees a bomb) What? It's a bomb! My asteroids!

Memorella: HA! What a sucker. You thought you had the Energems, but Keeper trick you.

Sledge: She read my mind. Spikeballs, toss them both in the deep freeze.



Memorella: Wait! If we could get ahold of just one ranger, I could read there memories.

Duplicon: Yeah, and I can clone Memorella into that same Ranger.

Sledge: We could make a fake Ranger to get inside their base and finally bring me the Energems!


Sledge: I am so smart!