This is Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Charge: Double Ranger, Double Danger/Transcript in Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Narrator: Millions of years, the evil Sledge...

Sledge: Fire!

Narrator:...tried to steal the greatest power in the universe.

Sledge: Bring me the Energems

Narrator: But an alien named Keeper entrusted them to dinosaurs.

Keeper: You must keep the Energems safe.

Narrator: As for Sledge....

Sledge: It's a bomb!

Narrator: He's was blasted into deep space. Now, the Energems have been found, and Sledge returns to battle a new team of heroes.

Tyler: Dino Charger!

Rangers: Ready!

Narrator: They are Power Rangers Dino Charge!

(On Sledge's Ship, Sledge talks about Poisandra as they go through the prison cells)

Sledge: Every intergalactic bounty hunter needs a girl like you, Poisandra. Smart, Beautiful, Heart-shaped.

Fury: Master Sledge, I have a plan to get the Rangers' tracking device.

Poisandra: Don't try to steal my thunder! I'm the one who found out about their machine while you were taking a cat nap.

Curio: And purring.

Fury: Who ask you, Rag Doll? Beginner's Luck!

Bowser: We can't find the Energems!

Sledge: Maybe, maybe not.

Icy: What does that mean!?

Poisandra: Give me a chance and I'll prove luck has nothing to do with it. This one calls for brains, not brawn.

Sledge: Well, I think it's time we give my leading lady her moment in the spotlight.

Poisandra: Oh, Sledgums! My first mission!

Bowser: Take Azula and The Dazzlings for Back-up.

Dr. Drakken: and Shego.

Azula: Thank you.

Poisandra: Welcome, ladies. we must start immediately. (Wrench comes in) Wrench, come with us.

(in the prison hold)




Poisandra: Well, a girl can't on a mission without her evil accessories. And why can't they can be cute too.



Poisandra: I'll take you (points to Duplicon)

Duplicon: What? Me?

Poisandra: Wrench, let him out.

Wrench: Ok.

Bowser: Wow!

Wrench: He created clones of anyone he can think of, so what do you think, Bowser.

Bowser: Perfect. This will be our next move!

Fury: Finally, Sledge is going to see to realize how worthless you are.

Poisandra: Jealous kitty. With this monster's skills, the rangers wont know who's friend or who's foe.

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