Here's the Transcript of Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Catching Some Rays from Weekenders Adventures of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Narrator: Long ago, a alien named Keeper, entrusted the greatest power in the universe to dinosaurs.

Keeper: You must keep the Energems safe.

Narrator: Billions of years later, the Energems were found. And the evil and Sledge along with some the Weekender's greatest foes fought ruthlessly to steal them. Until the rangers, finally defeated them. But from the ashes, a new threat arose. Only two teams of heroes can stop him.

Tyler: Dino Charger.

Rangers: Ready!

Narrator: The Weekenders and the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.

(At the Crashed Ship)

Man on the News: Just outside our studio, people are leaving schools and offices. They're all going on vacation. (went out in the sunlight) And so am I. Come on, Jake.

Heckyl: YOU!!! You did this didn't you? Without my permission, Loafer?

-What do you have to say for yourself?

Loafer: Wait, I didn't do nothing. It must have been my twin sister, Leisure.


Wrench: He's right. Our scanners detected his sister in space (Shows video) She beaming to Earth. It wants to make everyone go on vacation.

Heckyl: Well, that sister of yours has turned half the planet into lazy slackers! Including the Power Rangers.

Bowser: And some of those other heroes.

Loafer: I'm so sorry Masters. I can get her to turn off the light even though we monsters are immune to it.

Heckyl: Immune.

Loafer: Yeah.

Heckyl: This is perfect. While, the heroes are on vacation, we'll be working hard stealing their Energems.

Adiago Dazzle: And making Tino mine



Poisandra: Did you hear that Curio? The heroes are on vacation.

Curio: I love ruining vacations. Let's go!