This is the transcript of Weekenders Adventures of Regular Show:Terror Tales of the Park III in Weekenders Adventures of Regular Show.

(We see two kids from High Score egging Skips's House and laughing, until the glare of Benson's Cart's headlights alarm them. Benson then steps out of his cart.)

Benson: Private property boys, hit the road. 

Kid: Is that... Are you a cop?

Benson: I'm not a cop, I'm your worst nightmare. (The kids throw eggs at Benson, but he dodges them)  Hey! Hey, stop it!

Kid: Nice costume, loser! 

(The kids both laugh, pick up their bags and run away. Then Benson goes back to his cart and starts chasing them. Scene pans to Pops' House, where a Halloween party is going on. The scene changes to various parts of the house filled with guests doing various activities; one man is sliding down the banister of the stairs.)

Man: Happy Hallow- (Falls off of the banister. Scene changes to Thomas telling a story to the other park workers, except for Pops and Benson.)

Thomas: But the maniac was calling from outside the house! Wait, is that right? I mean, I mean, inside the house! (The other park workers groan at the story and throw their soda cans at him)

Muscle Man: Bad Thomas, bad! Seriously, that made my ears sad, bro. 

Ash Ketchum: No offense, Thomas, but your story is lame. 

Max: That was supposed to be scary. 

Mordecai: There's no way you're winning the bet. 



(Pops walks over)

Pops: Bet?