Here is the transcript of Weekenders Adventures of The Fairly OddParents: Timmy's Secret Wish.

Opening/"A Million Wishes"

(The movie opens where we see Timmy in the darkness walking to a chest and it opens saying "The Fairly Oddparents", and leading a map to a chest and the movie saying "Timmy's Secret Wish" and then Timmy says sush and faints)

(Later in Timmy's house and his room with a lot of merchandise)

Timmy: I wish for a giant TV! [A giant TV appears] A giant baseball! [A giant baseball appears] And giant bacon! [A piece of giant bacon appears and falls on Timmy. Next to his fairies is the wish counter and is up to the number 999, 998]

Wanda: Almost there, Timmy! Two more wishes!

Timmy[Timmy is covered in bacon fat] OK! Uh, I wish for a trained Russian circus bear! [Cosmo grants the wish but the bear grabs him and swallows him. The wish counter it now up to the number 999, 999]

Cosmo: One more wish, Timmy! Um, can you wish for a flashlight? It's dark in here!

Timmy: I know! I wish for a group of people that will cheer for me no matter what I do!

[His fairies grants the wish]

Groupies: Yeah, Timmy! [The wish counter reaches up to 1,000,000 and everyone cheers. Fireworks explode above the house and formed the words: Congratulations, Timmy!. Three military planes fly then fly upwards]

Wanda: You did it, Sport! You made you 1,000,000th wish! [The circus bear spits Cosmo out]

Cosmo: Congratulations, Timmy! Seems like only yesterday you made your 500,000 wish. The was for a T-Rex. It also ate me.

Groupies: Timmy, Timmy, Timmy! [Jorgen Von Strangle appears and his exploding arrival blasts the groupies everywhere]

Timmy: Hey, Jorgen! Are you here to congratulate me for making 1,000,000 wishes?

Jorgen: What are you talking about, Turner? I just smelled giant bacon! [Grabs the giant bacon and takes a bite of it] Wait a minute. Did you say something about a 1,000,000th wish? No godkid has ever made a million wishes before!