This is the transcript of Weekenders Goes to Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Opening/Alex's Nightmare and Birthday

(The movie begins with africa)

Arrive at Monte Carlo/Operation Penguin Extraction

Plan Failed/Initiate Lockdown

Car Chase

(Now we go to the heroes in the car)

Skipper: Kowalski, signal the chimps to meet us at the rendezous point with the Super Plane. Hotel Ambassador. Let's move it!

(Everyone cheers in celebration to get to the building while Melman whoops then gets smack by the road sign. Then sees Captain Dubois and the villains)

Captain Dubois: Voilá. Giraffe at twelve o'clock.

Donita Donata: We found the Wild Kratts and the heroes now.

Melman: (Sees the villains then turn to the heroes) Guys we got a tail.

King Julien: Paparazzi!

Plane Crash at the Train-yard/The Circus Train

(Now we go to the plane)

King Julien Meets Sonya the Bear/At the Train-yard

Rome/King Julien and Sonya's Date

Worst Circus Act

Dubois Trick the Police/Missing Lion

The Story of Vitaly

Alex's Plan

Captain Dubois' Song

Cannon Test/Marty Rescues Stefano

Circus Rehearsal

London/Best Epic Circus Act

The Villains Arrive/The Heroes' Truth

Alex: We're going to America! Whoo! Today!

Marty: That's what I call crack-a-lackin' to the mack-a-lackin'!







Private: It's that horrid woman and Tino's enemies!

Arrive at New York/The Capture

Final Battle/Ending





Captain Dubois: It was never about ze money. It was about, ze lion!

Zach Varmitech: Do it, Dubois!

Aviva: Run Alex!




(As the Poison dart prepares to kill Alex the lion. Gia swings down and grabs Alex as the dart only hits the lamp, thus saving Alex's life)

Alex: Gia?

Gia: Circus stick together!

(They look to see the flying circus with beautiful multicolor lights, as the song Afro Circus was heard)

Little Girl: Look! A flying circus!

Captain Dubois: No!

Spectre: They ruined our plan to kill the lion for Dubois!

Skipper: Operation "Afro Circus rescue" engage!

Private: Aye aye, Skipper!