This is how the ending goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[Soon, there was gather of vikings and equines on that day]

[then up front, the Royals and Stoick step forward]

Princess Celestia: Filles, Gentlecolts, ladies, and gentlemen, we just received word that Sharon is on her way back.

[Everyone cheers]

[then in the skies we see the dragons start to appear]

Tower Guard: Here they come now!

[the dragons land]

Lemon Zest: WE'RE HOME!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!! [hops off of Firestorm and kisses the ground]

Henry: [hops off Wacky] Wow, what a place!

Vinnie Terrio: You like it here?

Henry: I don't like it, I LOVE IT!!!

Vinnie Terrio: Well, wait till you see the pet shop aswell as other places around here.

Henry: Sweet.

Sharon: We're back!

Barret: It's good to be home. [he then walks up to the front as Celestia then walks down from the front and then they both then race for each other in slow motion as "Citadel Rescue" plays]

[they close the gap and hug each other tightly]

Princess Celestia: I missed you, ever since the day you died.

Barret: So did I.

[tears of joy start to falls from Celestia eyes as they continue holding each other before they both share a kiss]

Yuna: Awww....

Sunlight: Oh, gross.

[Celestia and Barret then pull away as the other Royals and Stoick walk up]

King Solar Flare: Welcome home, old friend.

Princess Luna: It's good to have you back.

Stoick: It is nice to finally meet you in person. [they shake hoof and hands]

Barret: Stoick, chief of the vikings. I thought Hiccup was chief.

Stoick: Well, not yet. But he is the leader of the Daring Dragon Riders though.

Barret: I see.

[then we see a party of Barret's return]

Sharon: [narrating] And so, we brought back Barret Barricade, my father at last. The one true face I looked into... on the day of my brith.

[the end of "Discovery of the Great Valley" plays, as we see Sharon born from her birth, and cuts to her growing up, flying, training with the Force, and getting her cutie mark]

Sunlight: Sharon! Come on, we're getting a picture.

[Sharon runs to the camera, with Sunlight, Celestia, Barret, and their dragons]

Stoick: Smile!

Sharon: [narrating] And so, none of this would ever be possible without...

[the picture gets taken]

Sharon: Our dragons.

[It's fades to black and "I Thought I Lost You"  starts playing]

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