This is how they arrived in Bikini Bottom and Gravity Falls in Ryan's Quest: Chain of Memories.

They arrived in Bikini Bottom

Ryan: We're in Under Water.

Evil Ryan: But how did we breathe?

Crash: Don't know, strange. Let's go.

Then he bump into Spongebob

Spongebob: Ow!

Crash: Careful.

Spongebob: Sorry. I need to get some ingredient for Mr Krabs.

Crash: Why?

Spongebob: The Krusty Mean ran out of Krabby Patty, so I have to get some more.

Ryan: Can we help you, you do need some helping hands.

Spongebob: Sure.

They went off and they got all the Ingredients

Ryan: That's all of them!

Spongebob: Yeah, that's great! Time to head back!

Ryan: So why you like the Krusty Krab, so much?

Spongebob: Because I love it here.

Ryan: I see, now.

Spongebob: Now let's go.

Ryan: Okay!

They went off and they saw the Krusty Krab taken over by the Heartless

Spongebob: What the..

Ryan: Heartless!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Spongebob: Phew, the Krusty Krab is safe now.

And then Plankton got the Krabby Patty formula

Plankton: Got it!

Ryan: Give that back!

They went to the Chum Bucket

Spongebob: Plankton, give us back the Formula.

Plankton: If you want it? Come get it.

[They are going to fight him and they defeated him]

Spongebob: Phew! Thank you for giving the Secret Formula, Mr Krabs won't remember it.

Ryan: Can we come back?

Spongebob: Sure hope you come back and have a delicious Krabby Patty.

Ryan: Okay, bye.

They left Bikini Bottom and they're in Gravity Fall and they saw Dipper with a Journal

Ryan: What are you doing, kid?

Dipper: Reading this Journal.

Ryan: I see, what are you reading?

Dipper: Memory Mushroom.

Ryan: Memory Mushroom? What does it do?

Dipper: To recovered the People's Memories.

Ryan: Really? Where will you find it?

Dipper: At the Cave. But I have to be careful from those creature.

Ryan: If you want to be careful, you need us to protect you.

Dipper: Thanks.

They went and they made to the cave

Dipper: There it is! We found it!

And then Heartless appeared

Dipper: Ah! What are they!?

Ryan: Heartless!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Dipper: Alright, I got the Memory Mushroom, let's get out of here.

They left and they are back in the Mystery Shack

Mabel: Dipper! What is that?

Dipper: A Memory Mushroom! It will recover all the People Memories.

Mabel: No way!

Dipper: It will be, I have eat it right now.

????: I don't think so.

Then Bill Cipher got all the Memory Mushroom

Bill Cipher: I'll be taking those Mushrooms.

Dipper: Give those back!

Bill Cipher: Nope, I can't. Bye!

He left

Dipper: You won't get away!

They went off to stop Bill Cipher

Ryan: Don't do this!

Bill Cipher: Too late, I'm gonna eat it.

He ate them all

Ryan: Oh no...

Bill Cipher Ahh! Delicious! (Starts shaking) Agh! What's this? What... Something's wrong! Something deep inside me. Something...scary!

Dipper: Bill! What's going on?

Bill Cipher: (Cowering) No! Get back! Stay away from me!

(They fight and defeat Bill Cipher)

Dipper: I can't believe it! He ate all the Mushroom, now we have one left. So, are you gonna eat it, Ryan?

Ryan: May, I don't want too.

Dipper: Really? Oh, well. But why?

Ryan: Because I promise Axel, I'll find my true memories soon.

Dipper: Really, well... Okay. Hope you come back to Gravity Fall.

Ryan: I will.

They left Gravity Fall

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