This is how Welcome to Camp Everfree goes in Adventures in Camp Everfree.

Optimus Prime: At last.

Megatron: We are here.

Thunderwing: Lord Unicron. They have reached their destination.

Unicron: Excellent. Keep an eye on Princess Twilight and the Element Bearers and make sure they find the Dark Energon Magic.

Thunderwing: Yes, my master.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow.

Optimus Prime: Not been here in a million eons.

Rainbow Dash: I can tell.

Arcee: Can't wait to get started.

Pinkie Pie: Me neither.

Smokescreen: I especially agree with Pinkster.

Rarity: I can't wait to see the sights.

Bumblebee: I mostly can't wait for campfire stories.

Applejack: I'm with ya, Bee.

Bulkhead: Me too.

Fluttershy: I can't wait for our first nature walk.

Ratchet: It's so quiet and peaceful.

Starlight Glimmer: I know.

Megatron: It's good to back.

Sunset Shimmer: I know.

Thunderwing: Unicron did say to ensure they find the Dark Energon Magic. I just need a plan.

[He begins to make a plan. Later]

Gloriosa Daisy: [over P.A.] Hey, everyone! If you could start heading to the courtyard, that would be rad! It's time to start the best week of camp ever!

[Unbeknowst  to everyone, they're being watch by four red eyes]

Gloriosa Daisy: Hi, everyone! Welcome to Camp Everfree! I'm Gloriosa Daisy, your camp director! Think of me as your friendly camp and nature guide. And this is my brother, Timber Spruce!


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