They made it to the city

Whisper: Where are we?

USApyon: This place is like a City.

Komasan: Maybe there's alot of People?

Damemon: I wonder where everybody is?

They saw a Ship over there

Whisper: Hey! Do we know that Whip from Before?

Damemon: That's right! It's Fox!

Jibanyan: Let's go see him!

Gumdramon: Look!

They saw a Heartless going to the Warehouse

Shoutmon: After it!

They went after it and they saw a Badge

USApyon: What is that?

Then a Heartless Appeared

Komajiro: I think we found them, Zura!

They are fighting and there are too many of them

Jibanyan: Somebody help us, nyan!

Then Fox appeared and he's fighting the Heartless 

Damemon: Thank goodness, you're here!

He push Ace and his Friends, he grab the badge and left

Shoutmon: What's wrong with him?

Damemon: Did he forgot about us?

Gumdramon: I don't know. But there are more Heartless roaming around the Heartless.

Jibanyan: Why did he push me in the Back?

They left the Warehouse

Damemon: What's wrong, Komasan?

Komasan: I just know I saw a girl at the street over there...

Damemon: Well, if Fox is here in the city, that girl must be Krystal, was it?

Komajiro: I guess so. Krystal will know what's happened to Fox, too.

Whisper: Let's go see her, whis!

They went to see her

Damemon: Be quite.

Komasan: Okay.

They made it to the Ship

?????? (Voice) Oh, what should I do now?

They are going to open the Door, and USApyon is gonna ram it

USApyon: Alright!

He's gonna ram it

Gumdramon: USApyon!

It's too late, he ram it and the door has already open

USApyon: What the? Who open the door?

It was Krystal, and she so happy

Krystal: (Gasp) It's you!

She hugged him

Krystal: USApyon! Jibanyan! Whisper! Komasan! Komajiro! Shoutmon! Gumdramon! Damemon!

Damemon: Hello.

USApyon: Hey, let go off me! You're crushing me, Dani!

Krystal: (Gasp) Oops, I'm sorry.

She let go of him

USApyon: Phew. So where's Fox, Dani?

Krystal: Oh, he must be around the city. We don't talk like we used to be.

Damemon: Did something happen to him?

Krystal:: Yes. He's acting strange.

Damemon: What do you mean?

Krystal: He's been acting strange after the Mission, he look so Sad about something. You all know what happen to him?

They nodded means no

Whisper: Not quite. But we can still help!

Damemon: Since we're here and all.

USApyon: Fox didn't talk to you?

Krystal: He's been acting strange lately. The only ones who might know why are locked up in the underground. I want to help them, but...

Shoutmon: Hold on? Who locked up?

Krystal: Slippy, Peppy and Falco. Fox locked them up.

Jibanyan: But why?

Krystal: That's what I don't know.

Gumdramon: Where is the Underground?

Krystal: It's right over there. The Underground tunnel is down there.

Shoutmon: Underground tunnel. Got it.

Krystal: Just be careful.

Damemon: We will

They left

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