This is how they arrived in DC World and Doctor Who World in Ryan's Quest: Chain of Memories.

They arrived in DC World

Ryan: I wonder where we are?

They saw Batman and Superman surrounded by Heartless

Ryan: Do you need some help?

Batman: Yeah, help us.

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them

Superman: Thank you for saving us.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Batman: And we have to save the city.

Evil Anna: Why?

Superman: Villains, of course. They take over the city now.

Batman: And we have to the other heroes to stop them.

Ryan: Can we help you?

Superman: Yeah, you can.

Ryan: Thanks.

They went off

Matau: Bro? You think it will work?

Bertram: Yes.

Batman: This machine will get all the people memories back from the Villain's. And i have to test it first.

Superman: Do you think it worked?

Batman: Don't know, if we could try.

He press the button and it's not working

Batman: What the? What's going on?

He saw the fuel is empty

Batman: Oh, right. I need some fuel for this machine.

Superman: So, we have to get some more.

Batman: Yes, let's go find some.

They went off and they found some fuel for the Machine

Batman: We got the fuel.

Superman: Now, let's get to the machine.

???: Yeah, but it not gonna happen.

They saw the Villain's and they destroyed the Memories Machine

Batman: You!

Joker: Hi, Batman!

Ryan: So you're cause of making People lose their Memories?

Two-Face: Yes, I am.

Batman: We're not gonna let you get away with this.

Harley Quinn: Oh, yeah? Fight us?

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Minutes Later

Batman: Well, it will take so long for this machine to fix.

Ryan: Well, I guess we have to go.

Superman: Will you come back?

Ryan: Yeah, we will. Promise.

They left and they are in Doctor Who World and they saw TARDIS coming

12th Doctor: Hello.

Ryan: Who are you?

12th Doctor: I'm the Doctor.

Ryan: I see, nice to meet you.

12th Doctor: Come to the TARDIS. We have to stop the Dalek for draining all the People's Memories.

They went inside the TARDIS and they are in Dalek World

12th Doctor: We made it.

Ryan: Man, this place is in Ruins.

12th Doctor: I know, but we have to stop them. Come on

They went off to stop the Dalek Emperor for stealing the People's Memories and they found it

Dalek Emperor: Well, if isn't Sci-Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: My rival. We meet again. Again.

Dalek Emperor: And the Doctor.

12th Doctor: Let's battle.

They are fighting and they defeated it

12th Doctor: Excellent. Everyone from Earth got all their Memories back.

Ryan: That's great! But... What will you do now?

12th Doctor: Well, I'm going to find someone to help me.

Ryan: Sure hope you can find someone to help you.

12th Doctor: I will, Goodbye.

Ryan: Yeah, Bye.

They left Doctor Who World

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