This is how our Heroes went to the Doctor Who world and defeat the Dalek Emperor in Ryan's Quest.

They are in England and they saw Twelve Doctor has surrounded by Heartless

Ryan: We have to help him.

They ran off to help him

Ryan: Mind if we can help you?

12th Doctor: Thank you.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: That's all of them.

12 Doctor: Thank you very much, Gentlemen

Ryan: Yeah, just to make sure those Heartless are gone.

12 Doctor: You call them Heartless? Well, I guess so, I heard there are many of them from the Daleks.

Ryan: Daleks?

12 Doctor: They were trying to take over Humanity and I need to stop them.

Ryan: Can we help you?

12 Doctor: Of course, you can.

They went the TARDIS and send to the Daleks World and they saw the Dalek Emperor

Sci-Ryan: So. We meet at last, Dalek Emperor. My rival.

Dalek Emperor: Great to see you, Sci-Ryan and the Doctor.

12 Doctor: Shall we fight?

Ryan: Let's do this.

Bertram: Let's exterminate those Daleks.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

12 Doctor: We did it.

They saw a Keyhole, Ryan aimed it and it has been sealed

Sci-Ryan: Time for us to leave.

12 Doctor: Ok. This gem could be useful, Sci-Ryan. Ryan summon it when he needs assistance and he'll help you out. I'm nice like that.

Sci-Ryan: Can we come back again?

12 Doctor: Yes, Sci-Ryan. You and your friends can visit this world anytime you like.

Ryan: Okay, Bye.

They left this world

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