This is how they arrived in Gravity Fall and stop Bill Cipher in Ryan's Quest.

They arrived in Gravity Fall and they saw Dipper running from something

Dipper: Help me!

Evil Ryan: What do you think your running from?

Sci-Ryan: Heartless?

Dipper: Well, yeah. And I didn't know them in my Journal.

They saw them coming

Ryan: We'll handle them.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: You're right, Sci-Ryan.

Dipper: Thanks for helping me.

Ryan: Why are you going to do?

Dipper: Well, I was gonna save Stan and Mabel from Bill Cipher, but then he summon all those Heartless, you called.

Ryan: Bill Cipher?

Dipper: Can you help me?

Ryan: Sure we can help you.

Dipper: Thanks, come on.


Bill Cipher: What you're saying Mabel is not one of the Seven Princesses?

Kaos: Of course, she isn't. She's not a Princess like the others Princesses. So have make this world into darkness.

Bill Cipher: After I captured her, and why those seven? What is your plan anyway?

Kaos: I do this for the Last Keyhole. And I think I do still things for Cody.

Bill Cipher: Well, we're wasting our time for him. Those Heartless has taken the Girl's heart for their meals. And I think she's gone forever.

Kaos: Yes.

Bill Cipher saw Dipper and the others coming

Bill Cipher: I knew, he's coming. I wait till he gets there.

Our Heroes found Bill Cipher

Ryan: We found you.

Evil Ryan: Have you decided to surrender, Bill?

Bill Cipher: Not really, but you can face me and the Heartless.

Ryan: Time to summon King Chrystalize, Simba and Emmet now. Give me strength!

They summon them, they are fighting him and they defeated them

Bill Cipher: I'll be back for this!

Ryan: Bye, bye!

Ryan saw the Keyhole so, he sealed it

Ryan: Time for us to go.

Dipper: You're leaving now.

Sci-Ryan: Should we come back?

Mabel: Yeah.

Dipper: You can come back to Gravity Fall anytime.

Ryan: Okay, Bye.

They left this world.

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