This is how our Heroes made it to Jurrasic World and how they save Claire in Ryan's Quest.

They arrived in Jurrasic World and they saw Heartless surround Owen Grady

Owen: I don't know what Dinosaur you are. But back off!

Ryan: We'll handle them.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Bertram: I'm right. There's some Heartless in here.

Owen: Thanks, you save my live from those creatures.

Ryan: You're welcome. It's the first time you saw Heartless here.

Owen: Wait, you call them Heartless? I never seen one before. I was running around to see the Dinosaur in Jurrasic World.

Sonata: Jurrasic World?

Owen: It's a Theme Park.

Ryan: So, what happened here?

Owen: The Power has Shut Down. And I need to power back up to save the Dinosaur from this Creatures you called Heartless.

Ryan: Should we help you?

Owen: Yeah, I do need some help. Follow me, and watch out for Dinosaurs.

They went off, and they made it to the Power Room

Owen: We have to make the Power back up.

They are doing to the Computer and the Switch and the Power is back

Owen: Looks like we're back in business.

Then a Dinosaur appeared and they running away from it and they so exhausted from Running

Crash: Why did it chase us?!

Owen: Well, if I were you, I would be Dinosaur food.

Ryan: Well, at least everyone is safe.

Owen: Except Claire.

Ryan: Claire?

Owen: Those Heartless, they took her away, And I have to save her.

Ryan: We'll help you find her.

Owen: Thanks, you're the best.

They went off the find her and they saw her dragging away from the Heartless

Owen: Claire!

Then a Giant Dinosaur Heartless has stop them and Claire has been to the Portal and it disappeared

Owen: No!!! Claire!

Ryan: Looks like we have to deal with him!

They are fighting the Dinosaur Heartless and they defeated it

Owen: I can't believe she's gone.

Ryan: I'm so sorry, Owen. Hey, look!

They saw the Keyhole, Ryan sealed it

Ryan: We have to leave now, Owen.

Owen: Already? What about Claire?

Ryan: Don't worry, we'll bring her back. I promise.

Owen: Okay, just make sure you come back here.

Ryan: We will. Promise.

They left this world

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