This is how Our Heroes made it to Springfield and they save the Town in Ryan's Quest.

Our Heroes made it to Springfield and they saw Lisa, Maggie and Bart surrounded by Heartless

Lisa: Somebody help us!

Bart: We need help!

Ryan: We'll protect you kids.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: Phew, that's all of them

Evil Ryan: You kids will be safe from the Heartless now.

Bart: Heartless?

Lisa: Those Creatures you called them? I never heard one of them in Springfield.

Sci-Ryan: Springfield?

Bart: It's a Town, where we live.

Ryan: I see. And is there anything we can help you?

Bart: Yes, we want to go back home. Mom and Dad are getting worried.

Ryan: Okay, we'll take you there.

They take them back home and they did

Marge: Lisa! Bart! Maggie!

Lisa: Mum!

Homer: Son!

Bart: Hey, fat head.

Homer: Why you little!

He struggled him

Marge: Homer, stop that!

Ryan: Yeah, why are you strangling your son?

Homer: Because he call me a Fat head. And I don't like it!

Lisa: Guys, look at the News!

They watch the News

Kent Brockman: Good morning, Everyone. Today, we are having a Breaking New. The Power Plant at Springfield has taken over by these strange creatures. And, even though... The Factory will explode if no one will shut it off, and we have about... 1 Hour!

Homer: Oh my goodness! The Power Plants gonna Blow Springfield to pieces!

Ryan: We have to shut it down, and Quick! Before Springfield will be destroyed!

Marge: Come on!

They went off to the Power Plant to shut it off

Sci-Ryan: Ah! We have 30 Minutes left, before it's gonna blow!

Ryan: HURRY!!!

They went inside and then the Heartless blocked their way

Ryan: Oh man.

They are fighting them and they are almost there and a Giant Heartless has stop them

Ryan: Oh no!

Homer: Ah! Heartless!

Crash: Hurry, we have 10 Minutes!

They are fighting it and they defeated it

Sci-Ryan: Come on! We have Five Minutes! It has to been shut down by three Switches!

Ryan: Come on!

He, Crash and Homer throw the Switch and the Power Plant has been shut down and Springfield is safe and sound

Homer: Phew.

Ryan: Now. To find the Keyhole.

They saw a Keyhole, Ryan sealed it

Ryan: Look like we have to go now.

Homer: You're leaving?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah, but don't worry, we'll come back.

Marge: Take care.

Sonata: Good-bye, Everyone.

They left Springfield

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