This is how to arrived in Wizard of Oz and Springfield in Ryan's Quest: Chain of Memories.

[They arrived in Wizard of Oz and they saw Dorothy heading to the Witch Castle]

Ryan: Whoa! What's wrong, girl?

Dorothy: Oh no! The mean old witch has my friends. I have to rescue them!

Crash: Should we help you?

Dorothy: Yes! So come on!

They went off and they saw them captured from the Witch

Witch: Look like you're here, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Just let my friends go! They didn't do anything!

Witch: I can't. Because they stole my memories.

Ryan: That's crazy, they didn't steal your memories.

Witch: Oh, really? Guards! Attack!

They are fighting the guards and they defeated them

Dorothy: Thank goodness, we save you!

Ryan: Now, let's get out of here!

They ran off

Evil Ryan: I think we lost them.

Crash: Yeah, we are.

Dorothy: We have to do something, the Witch won't stop until we find her memories.

Ryan: I know, but who stole it from her?

Evi Anna: I don't know. But we have to find the culprit.

[They went off and they're at the Forest]

Dorothy: Let's look around, Oh no!

Then the Witch is here

Witch: You think you could get away that easily.

Ryan: Look, Dorothy said that they didn't steal your memories!

Witch: I can't believe this nonsense, they stole my memories because-

Then flash of light appeared and now the Witch has lost her Memories

Witch: Huh? What the? What am I doing?

Ryan: Huh? What's wrong with her?

Dorothy: Ryan, look out!

They saw a Heartless, they are fighting it and they defeated it

Ryan: So it was the Heartless who stole the Witch's memories.

[Then they saw Witch melting from the river after she recovered her Memories]

Witch: I'm melting! I'm kept! Oh, what a world! What a world!

Ryan: Well, that's the end of her.

Dorothy: Well, thank you for saving my friends.

Ryan: Your welcome. Bye

They left Wizard of Oz world and head to Springfield and they saw Homer surrounded by Heartless and they help him

Ryan: We can help you!

Homer: Hey, thanks.

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Homer: Thank you.

Ryan: No problem, so what are you doing here?

Homer: I came to get something for Marge.

Ryan: Why?

Homer: Because... I forgot our Anniversary.

Ryan: What!? How come!?

Homer: I don't know, I just forgot. And I have to give sometimes for here.

Ryan: Like what?

Homer: Flowers. Ladies like Flowers. But they're out of Flowers at the Store. And I have to get one on my own.

Ryan: Should we help you?

Homer: Yes, you can come with me.

They went off and they pick up some flowers for Marge

Homer: This will do great for Marge.

Then the Heartless took the Flowers

Homer: Hey!

Ryan: Give those back!

[They are fighting them and they defeated them]

Ryan: Phew, we got the Flowers back.

Homer: Except that, Look!

They saw the Heartless carried Marge

Evil Ryan: Great! Now she's been taken away!

They went off to save her, and they are fighting a Giant Heartless and they defeated it

Mintues Later

Homer: Marge. I am so sorry I forgot our Anniversary.

Marge: It's okay, Homie. We always have the kids that we cared for. And I know, you want to this right for me.

Homer: Thank you, Marge.

Ryan: Well, it's time to go.

They left Springfield

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