Here's how the battle begins in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

[We view of a camp site, where solders start gathering around. And the Emperor lands]

Soilder: Grab her.

Yang: Guard her with your life.

[we then view the team ready with all of their arms]

Queen Novo: In all my years of being a Je'Daii, never thought I'd ever be using a firearm.

Skystar: It's really simple once you get the hang of it.

Rick O'Connel: Alex? Where'd he go?

Evelyn: Where do you think?

[We veiw of Alex heading to the camp]

Stephen: What is that kid, doing?

Rarity: Beats me.

Hugs: Maybe he's going to save Lin from the Emeperor and the villains.

[Then the Emperor lands into his human form]

The Dragon Emperor: [pulls out his sword] AWAKE!

[Then stone soilders came out]

[Then we veiw of Zi Yuan running to the temple]

[The solders turn around faced the Emperor]

[Inside the temple, Zi Yuan opens the book]

[Then everyone payed attention to the Emperor]

Emperor: Today you awake to a world... in a grip of chaos and corruption.

Zi: Open the gates of the past and free the souls of the wrongfully damned.

Emperor: I will restore order... I will retake what is mine. I will crush any idea of freedom.

Zi: In the name of the ancestors and the righteous, I sacrifice my immortally and that of my daughter so that you may rise of this day!

Emperor: I will slaughter without mercy. I will conquer without compassion. I will now lead you past the Great Wall. Once you cross, you will be indestructible.

Zi: Bring down the wrath of oppressed on this Emperor and all who follow him!

Emperor: I rise you for one purpose... to enforce my will on the entire world!

Soldier: Long live the Emperor!

Zi: I call upon the hundreds and the thousands that you may rise up and seize this moment to take your victory, to take your justice and to take your revenge!

[The skeletons come alive as ground sinks]

Emperor: Zi Yuan.

[out comes undead soldiers]

Emperor: Prepare for battle!

Rick: These are... they're good undead guys, right?

[General Ming charges]

Rick: Zi Yuan, Zi Yuan, Zi Yuan sent us.

Evelyn: Darling, I don't think he speaks english.

Rick: We're with Zi Yuan.

General Ming: Zi Yuan?

Eveyln: Right.

[The soldiers charge and Alex knocks out 2 soldiers and frees Lin]

General Ming: Freedom, freedom, freedom!

Emepror: Arches form up!

[arches do so]

Rick: Incoming!

[Archers fire at the undead soldiers]


[One barley hits Rick's arm]

Rick: Hey, that's my favorite blue shirt.

Evelyn: I always hated that shirt.

[The soldiers rises unharmed]

Emepror: [Takes out his sword] Death to General Ming!

[the soldiers march and General Yang opens fire]

General Ming: Charge!

[The soldiers charge]

Rick: Welcome to the 20th Century! [he and Eveyln fire]

General Dedrich: FIRE AT WILL!!

[everyone one inside the trench fires their weapons]

General Ming: We can't let them cross the Great Wall.

[back to our heroes]

Leadwing: Damn! I never thought I'd be in a trench again.

General Dedrich: Keep your firing up, we must hold the line! (fires some rockets)

[we view various of our heroes firing their weapons as Novo is only firing one shot at a time.]

Queen Novo:

[We see the Emperor killing several soldiers where Zi Yuan. Meanwhile Lin and Alex kick 2 soldiers off their motorcycles and they drive on them]

The Emperor [hops off his horse and runs to Zi Yuan and they begin to clash their swords]

[The 2 fight when the Emperor slashes her]

The Emperor: You are no longer immortal.

[The 2 fight again when the Emperor stabs her and throws her off, while Rick and Eveylin are outnumbered]

Rick: Honey! Fall back to higher ground! [throws a grenade]

[They are surrounded]

Rick: I really hate mummies!

Evelyn: It seems the feelings mutual!

[A mummy crawls]

Rick: Shut up, clay boy! [hits his dead off] Forte! Run!

[They run up a hill and are out of ammo and used swords]

Rick: Next time I say: "We've been in together scrapes than this," I mean this!

[They duel the mummies then high above was a plane and it started firing upon the army.]

Templeton: [as Hugo] I think the calvery's here!

Jonathan: Die you mummy, (bleep)! Die!

Pilot: There is no call for bad language!

Evelyn: Jonathan certainly knows how to make an entrance!

[then we see The Wonderbolts fly in and drop bombs as Skipper joins in and shoots down several soldiers as the Ghost and Millennium Falcon fly in and shoot down several throngs of soldiers]

Hera Syndulla: Nothing like a good air battle to keep things at high speed!

[we see our heroes fighting off many soldiers and changlings that come in bnut then Novo runs out of ammo]

Queen Novo: Forget this! (throws her gun at several Changlings as she then draws her Lightsaber] This is for Je'Daii everywhere! (she then goes to Force power mode as her eyes start to glow and then with a battle cry she ignites her Lightsaber and charges at high speeds and kills many soldiers]

Shema: (fires a few shots) Skystar, you mother is the bomb!

Skystar: Yeah, she is!

[Then Bee, Hound, and Hot Rod flie in]

Hound: Woo hoo! Let's ride, Bee!

Hot Rod: Let's kick butts!

Tommy Oliver: Alright, then. I think it's our turn to make an entrance.

Conner McKnight: Are you guys ready?

The Rangers: READY!

[The Dino Rangers open their morphers]

Conner McKnight, Ethan James, Kira Ford, and Tommy Oliver: DINO THUNDER! POWER UP!

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: WHITE RANGER! DINO POWER!

Shane Clarke, Tori Hudson, and Dustin Brooks: NINJA STORM! RANGER FORM!

Hunter and Blake Bradley: THUNDER STORM! RANGER FORM!


The Rangers: HA! HA!

[The Dino rangers morph]

Conner McKnight Tyranno!

Ethan James: Tricera!

Kira Ford: Ptera!

Tommy Oliver: Brachio!

Trent Fernandez-Mercer: Dino Thunder!

[The Ninja rangers morph]

Shane Clarke: Power of air!

Tori Hudson: Power of water!

Dustin Brooks: Power of earth!

Hunter Bradley: Crimson thunder!

Blake Bradley: Navy thunder!

Cameron Watanabe: Samurai power!

The Ninja rangers: Ninja Storm!

Morack: Oh, no! Not only do they have the Millennium Falcon and the Ghost! They've got the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Justice League, Deadpool, and the Power Rangers!

Bradey O'Diesel: Yeah, sure, whatever! I'll crush them regardless.

Conner McKnight: Alright, guys! We're here to save the Earth! Let's take them down!

Captain America: Let's go!

Hulk: Hulk smash, mummy!