Here's how the battle begins in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

[We view of a camp site, where solders start gathering around. And the Emperor lands]

Soilder: Grab her.

Yang: Guard her with your life.

Rick O'Connel: Alex? Where'd he go?

Evelyn: Where do you think?

[We veiw of Alex heading to the camp]

Stephen: What is that kid, doing?

Rarity: Beats me.

Hugs: Maybe he's going to save Lin from the Emeperor and the villains.

[Then the Emperor lands into his human form]

The Dragon Emperor: [pulls out his sword] AWAKE!

[Then stone soilders came out]

[Then we veiw of Zi Yuan running to the temple]

[The solders turn around faced the Emperor]

[Inside the temple, Zi Yuan opens the book]

[Then everyone payed attention to the Emperor]

Emperor: Today you awake to a world... in a grip of chaos and corruption.

Zi: Open the gates of the past and free the souls of the wrongfully damned.

Emperor: I will restore order... I will retake what is mine. I will crush any idea of freedom.

Zi: In the name of the ancestors and the righteous, I sacrifice my immortally and that of my daughter so that you may rise of this day!

Emperor: I will slaughter without mercy. I will conquer without compassion. I will now lead you past the Great Wall. Once you cross, you will be indestructible.

Zi: Bring down the wrath of oppressed on this Emperor and all who follow him!

Emperor: I rise you for one purpose... to enforce my will on the entire world!

Soldier: Long live the Emperor!

Zi: I call upon the hundreds and the thousands that you may rise up and seize this moment to take your victory, to take your justice and to take your revenge!

[The skeletons come alive a ground sinks]

Emperor: Zi Yuan.

[out comes undead soldiers]

Emperor: Prepare for battle!

Rick: These are... they're good undead guys, right?

[General Ming charges]

Rick: Zi Yuan, Zi Yuan, Zi Yuan sent us.

Evelyn: Darling, I don't think he speaks english.

Rick: Where with Zi Yuan.

General Ming: Zi Yuan?

Eveyln: Right.

[The soldiers charge and Alex knocks out 2 soldiers and frees Lin]

General Ming: Freedom, freedom, freedom!

Emepror: Arches form up!

[arches do so]

Rick: Incoming!

[Archers fire at the undead soldiers]


[One barley hits Rick's arm]

Rick: Hey, that's my favorite blue shirt.

Evelyn: I always hated that shirt.

[The soldiers rises unharmed]

Emepror: [Takes out his sword] Death to General Ming!

[the soldiers march and General Yang shoots]

General Ming: Charge!

[The soldiers charge]

Rick: Welcome to the 20th Century! [he and Eveyln fire]

General Dedrich: FIRE AT WILL!!

[everyone one inside the trench fires their weapons]

General ming: We can't let them cross the Great Wall.

[We see the Emperor killing several soldiers where Zi Yuan. Meanwhile Lin and Alex kick 2 soldiers off their motorcycles and they drive on them]

The Emperor [hops off his horse and runs to Zi Yuan and they begin to clash their swords]

[The 2 fight when the Emperor slashes her]

The Emperor: You are no longer immortal.

[The 2 fight again when the Emperor stabs her and throws her off, while Rick and Eveylin are outnumbered]

Rick: Honey! Fall back to higher ground! [throws a grenade]

[They are surrounded]

Rick: I really hate mummies!

Evelyn: It seems the feelings mutual!

[A mummy crawls]

Rick: Shut up, clay boy! [hits his dead off] Forte! Run!

[They run up a hill and are out of ammo and used swords]

Rick: Next time I say "We've been in together scrapes than this," I mean this!

[They duel the mummies then high above was a plane and it started firing]

Templeton: [as Hugo] I think the calvery's here!

Jonathan: Die you mummy, losers! Die!

Pilot: There is no call for bad language!

Evelyn: Jonathan certainly knows how to make an entrance!

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