Black Doom is watching the City

Black Room: So where is everyone?

Sylvester: Don't know. They must have some other matter to deal with.

Black Doom: "Matters" You mean they have more important affairs to attend to than my return?

Sylvester: Well, there's is the Organization 18 Animals that keeps getting in the way-

Black Doom: Let them played their little game!

Sylvester: But what about that Bunny with the Sword? He's been a real pain, too.

Black Doom: Oh, has he? Okay then. I suppose you'd better tell me what's happened during my absence.


Lola bunny is looking at the Book

Lola: That's strange? I wonder where I put my album?

Mac: Queen Lola!

Toby: It's horrible!

They went to see Queen Lola

Mac: Something's wrong with the Halls of the Cornerstone!

Toby: There are many sharp thorns everywhere!

They went their and they saw all the Thorns

Lola: Oh No! This is terrible! There's something's wrong happen in the Castle. I hope Bugs is here. Daffy, Wile, Taz. Where are you?

Back to our Heroes

Ace: This is your Castle? Must be great to be back home. Well?

Wile: You know, there is something strange happen here?

Daffy: Yeah.

Then Mac and Toby appeared

Mac: You're back!

Toby: Hurry! You have to go!

Mac: Queen Lola needs to see you!

Toby: Hurry! To the Library!

They are going to the Library 

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