This is how the real fight starts in Flain's Mixel Rock & Roll Adventure.

[Meanwhile, The Starrings Continue singing]

The Starrings: Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~


Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~


Scar: Welcome to the show~

Ratcliffe and Frollo: Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah~

Scar: We're here to let you know~

Ratcliffe and Frollo: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah~

Scar: Our time is now~

Ratcliffe and Frollo: Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah~

Scar: Your time is running out~

Ratcliffe and Frollo: Ah, ah, ah~

The Starrings: Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah~


[Meanwhile at the top of the hill, The mixel Dramas are waiting to fight the Starrings off]

Gobba (EG): How're we supposed to play over them from up here?

[Then DJ Pon-3 appears, And Car transform into a Super loudspeaker Rockin' Convertible]

The Mixel Dramas: [Cheers]

Teslo (EG): Awesome!

Gobba (EG): Sweet!

[Meanwhile, The Starrings unleashed a powerful Purple wave, hypnotizing everyone in it]

The Starrings: Feel the wave of sound~

As it crashes down~

You can't turn away~

We'll make you wanna sta-a-a-ay~

[They unleashes a purple flash, They began to transform]

The Starrings: We will be adored~

Tell us that you want us~

We won't be ignored~

It's time for our reward~

[The Starrings gains Mixel Parts and goes into Siren forms]

The Starrings: Now you need us~

Come and heed us~

Nothing can stop us now~

[Then All of the sudden, The Mixel Drama Appears and plays the band]

The Mixel Dramas: Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

I've got the music in me~

Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Flain: Don't need to hear a crowd~

Cheering out my name~

I didn't come here seeking~

Infamy or fame~

[Then Everyone snaps and looks at the Mixel Dramas]

The Mixel Dramas: The one and only thing~

That I am here to bring~

Is music, is the music~

Is the music in my soul~

[And everyone cheered]

[The Mixel Dramas Goes into Max Forms]

The Mixel Dramas: Gonna break out (Out!)~

Set myself free, yeah~

Let it all go (Go!)~

Just let it be, yeah~

Find the music in your heart~

Let the music make you start~

To set yourself apart~

Scar: So the Mixel Dramas want to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands? Then let's battle!

The Starrings: What we have in store (ah-ah)~

All we want and more (ah-ah)~

We will break on through (ah-ah)~

Now it's time to finish you!~

[Then Everyone got hypnotized once again, And The Starrings unleashes a powerful spell]

Scar: [Possessed] [Laughing Evilly]

[Scar Unleash a Projector of Brown Siren, Then A Blue Siren and a Purple Siren]

[The 3 projector Sirens goes for a Attack Surrounding The Mixel Dramas, However, They unleash a powerful rainbow, But the 3 sirens avoids it, However, Wiztastic Max Unleash a powerful magic blast Hits the purple Siren, Then Frosticon Max Creates a Giant Snowball and Throws at Blue Siren, Infernite Max Unleashed A Powerful Voice]

Infernite Max: Oh Whoa, Oh Whoa~

[He unleashed a powerful flame blast]

Scar: [Possessed] [Growls] [Vocalizing]

[A Brown Siren Unleshes a Powerful Purple Soundwave, Blasting the Infernite Max]

The Starrings: [Vocalizing]

[Then All 3 sirens Unleashes a Powerful Purple Soundwave blast against The Mixel Dramas, As the Starrings grow Louder and stronger, The Beats the Maxes, Then A Microphone flies down, And Mal looks in horror seeing this]

Scar: [Possessed] [laughs]

[Then Infernite Max gets up and looks at Mal]

Infernite Max: Mal, We need you!

Mal: Oh no, What do I do, No, I can't give up! I won't lose.

[Dj Pon-3 Turns the music on and do a remix]

Mal: You're never gonna bring me down~

You're never gonna break this part of me~

My friends are here to bring me 'round~

Not singing just for popularity~

Scar: [Possessed] What, How dare you!

Infernite Max and Mal: We're here to let you know~

That we won't let it go~

The Mixel Dramas: Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow~

[The 3 Projector Sirens Charges at the Mixel Dramas]

Infernite Max and Mal: And you can try to fight~

But we have got the light of~

The Mixel Dramas: Friendship on our side!~

Got the music in our hearts~

We're here to blow this thing apart~

And together, we will never~

Be afraid of the dark~

[They Unleashes a Powerful Rainbow Soundwave and Hits the 3 Sirens, Then Scar, Frollo and Ratcliffe, We're hit, Freeing Everyone from Hypnotizing, Scar was shocked to see this]

Scar: What happened?

[Then Mal's Body began to glow light, Gains Mixel Parts, and Becomes a Half-Mixel form]

The Mixel Dramas: Here to sing our song out loud~

Get you dancing with the crowd~

As the music of our friendship~

Survives, survives!~

[The Mixel Dramas Joins Mal and unleashes a Rainbow Beam Creating an Ultra Miximum Max]

All sans Starrings: Got the music in our hearts~

We're here to blow this thing apart~

And together, we will never~

Be afraid of the dark~

Here to sing our song out loud~

Get you dancing with the crowd~

Scar: No, It Can't be!

Frollo: What?

Ratcliffe: Uh-oh.

The Mixel Dramas: As the music of our friendship~

Survives, survives, survives!~

[The Magic Projector of Ultra Miximum Max appears and Unleashes a powerful Rainbow Beam Blasting The Sirens and the Starrings, Then the 3 Projector Sirens Was Completely Destroyed to pieces, Then Comes with the Starrings were hit by a powerful rainbow beam]

Scar: [Screams]

Frollo: [Screams]

Ratcliffe: [Screams]

[Then the 3 Purple Gems began shatter and Break into Pieces, Returning back into their normal forms, As the Starrings looks at the shattered purple Gems and Picks it up and sings Off-key and makes it worse]

The Starrings: [off-key] We will be adored~

Tell us that you want us~

We won't be ignored~

[The Crowd Booing and Jeering]

The Starrings: [Off-key] It's time for our reward...

[The Crowd Throws food at the Starrings]

Scar: Oh no, I'm Shameful!

Frollo: I'm an Epic failure!

Ratcliffe: [Sobbing] I'm so Awful!

[As the Starrings runs off in Shame, Disgraceful and Awful, Mal looks at the Shatter purple gem and picks it up]

Mal: Guess that explains why these were so special to them.

Flain: Yeah. Without those pendants and the magic you brought here from Planet Mixel, they're just three harmless teenage guys.

[Then Rose Rock returned to her good self]

Rose Rock (EG): Mixel Dramas rule! That was amazing!

Flain: Sure does!

[Then Jacques and Josee appears in their rage]

Jacques: You may have vanquished the Starrings!

Josee: but you will never have the amazing, show-stopping ability of the Jacques and Josee!

[They uses magic to disappears]

Zaptor (EG): They're gone! [pause] Oh, wait. There they are.

[Jacques and Josee climbs up but fell down]

Jacques: We're Both okay!

Josee: Yeah, me too.

Gobba (EG): You know, Flain is going back to Planet Mixel soon. The Mixel Dramas could really use someone to help Lunk on backup vocals.

[Mal Plays Guitar]

Mal: I also play guitar.

Chomly (EG): We'll see.

[Then all 27 EG Mixels Hug Mal]

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