This is how Ryan and his friends go to the world of Chima and found out that Eris is gone in Ryan's Quest.

[Our Heroes arrived in China and they saw Laval and his best friend coming]

Laval: Come on, Cragger!

Cragger: Laval! Wait, don't leave me behind!

[Then he and Cragger saw our Heroes and Cragger got scared]

Laval: Oh, Cragger. Relax, they are not one of them in Chima, right?

Cragger: I don't know, they were like us and the rest of tribe, but... they look so different.

Crash: What does it mean? This is a first time we came to Chima.

Laval: Well, you guys are different. Where were you from? Another Tribe?

Ryan: We are from another tribe. Far away. And we want to know where we can stay (laugh nervously)

Laval: Hm... I see. In that case, maybe we take you to my home.

Cragger: But, Laval... You're father won't like this.

Laval: Oh, don't worry, Cragger.

Sci-Ryan: So, why are you running from?

Laval: Oh, we running, because of them!

[They saw the Heartless coming, Ryan and his friends are fighting them and they defeated them]

Laval: Thank, we don't know about those guys. We were running away because of them, and they took Eris away from us.

Evil Ryan: It's ok. It's what we do when fighting Heartless in places like this.

Laval: Heartless? It's that what you call them? I never seen one here around Chima. But anyway, we better go see my father. Come on.

They went to the Lion's Temple

Laval: Dad!

Lagravis: Oh, Laval. What were you doing? You know, there are many creature around in Chima, and it's dangerous for you to go out. And Strange, Creatures they are.

Lavertus: And who are they?

Laval: Those guys who saved me and Cragger from those creatures.

Lagravis: I don't know about animals.

Ryan: We're from another tribe, very far away.

Sonata: Yeah, and we came here to find a Keyhole.

Lagravis: What?

Laval: What does it look like?

Sonata: Well, it looks like a-

Lagravis: (Angry) There is no such thing and it's not here in Chima!

Laval: But dad-

Lagravis: Son, not another word! Once these creatures are gone, you won't leave the tribe.

Laval and his friend left and his father felt guilty

Lagravis: (Sigh) Brother, I think I go to hard on him. I was just worried for his safety.

Lavertus: Of course, Lagravis. But I must admit, now I’m quite curious about this Keyhole.

Lagravis: That need not concern you, Brother. Have you anything to report?

Lavertus: Just as you suspected, Brother, they seem to be coming from the Outland by Scorm

Lagravis: I knew it. That scorpion King is up to no good again.

He look angry

Lagravis: I see exile from Chima has taught her nothing.

Lavertus: Yes, he poses serious danger.

Lagravisn: And I told you to keepLaval aaway from such danger, did I not?

Lavertus: Brother, please, I, uh...

Back to Laval

Laval: You can come with me to the Forever Rock over there.

They went to the Forever Rock

Laval: This is our hangout. Me and my friends always hang around these days. And I have imagined if me and my friends will go see other worlds.

Ryan: No. Not at all. I used to feel the same way.

Laval: Used to?

Ryan: I mean...I still do.

Laval: Hey, why don’t we try looking for that Keyhole that you were after.

Ryan: But you're Father said-

Laval: Oh, he treats me like a child. He never wants to let me do anything. He just... He just doesn’t understand.

Lavertus heard everything

They left the Grotto and they didn't know that they been watched


Scorm: Those Fools won't find the Keyhole in time. And even though, they won't find that Eagle Girl, they were aftee. Beside, I have her with me. And Chima will fall into my hands. Lagravis, when everything in Chima is gonna fall, so are you (Laugh)

Back to our Heroes

They found a Crystal shaped like a Star

Laval: That Crystal looks cool. Maybe, we should take it back to Chima.

They take it back to the Forever Rock

Lagravis: Son! You disappointed me again! I told you not to leave Chima!

He saw the Crystal and he gonna destroy it

Laval: Dad, don't!

It's too late his father destroy it to pieces

Laval: Dad, how could you-

He look sad and he run away from his father and Cragger followed him

Lagravis: Even for you, kids. You are not from another tribe, you're from another world aren't you?

All: Huh?

Lagravis: And you must be the Key bearer.

Ryan: Yeah. But how did you know?

Lagravis: You may lie to Laval, but you can't lie to me, and you don't know anything about Chima!

Ryan: Aw...

Lagravis: As a Key Bearer, you must know, one does not meddle in the affairs of other worlds.

Ryan: I know, but...

Lagravis: You have violated this principle, the Key Bearer shattered peace and brings ruins.

Crash: Aw, Ryan's not like that.

Lagravis: And I thank you, for saving my son. And listen, there is no room in Chima for you or your key!


[Laval is crying about what his Father did to the Crystal and then someone appeared]

????: Oh, boy. Looks like we have a lion who cry for what his father did. Say, there. You and your friends, need some help won't you? Cause I know someone who can you, he can do everything for you and your friends.

Laval: Who are you talking to?

????: I just know someone, who can help.

It was Scorm

Scorm: And that, would be me.

Laval: You’re Scorm? I was just wondering if—

Scorm: It’s all right. Helping others is what I live for. Let me guess. You wish to see other worlds. That shouldn’t be too hard. After all, you want your eagle friend back and your new friends came from another world.

Laval: What?

He look at him

Laval: But they had special help—that mysterious key.

He look away

Scorm Now, now. Cheer up, Lion. You have something special, too.

He listen to him

Scorm: Now listen carefully. I think the Keyhole they seek is somewhere in the temple.

They went to the Lion's Temple

Scorm: Now, my friend, if you can take me there without your father knowing...

He is gonna give the Golden chi to him

Socrm: I can help you get your friend back

Minutes later

Scorm: The golden chi is mine at last! And I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Laval look after his Father

Laval: Scorm, no! I didn’t want this!

Scorm: Why not? Aren’t you tired of following your father's orders? Oh, yeah. We have a deal. Well, I'm sorry, but your Eagle friend is town from me. And I make the dark world of the Heartless.

Minion: We cannot find the Keyhole. The Keyhole is not there.

Scorm: What?!

He saw our Heroes coming

Scorm: Well, we have company. It looks like you're late for this.

He escape

Laval: Dad...

Lagravis: The Golden Chi. We must get it back!

Ryan: Come on, let's go!

Then Laval stop them

Laval: Wait, I'm going with you. My Dad is hurt and it's all my fault. I have to stop Scorm.

Cragger: And I'm right behind, Laval!

They went to Outland and they found Scorm

Matau: Come out! You can't run!

Cragger: Your time is come to an end!

He give him a frightening face and it scared Matau and Cragger, they fighting him and they defeated him Minions

Scorm: You'll pay for this!

He escape

Laval: We may have lost Eris, but we can still stop Scorm.

They are going after him and they found him

Scorm: You fools, don't know what your up against! I rule Chima Now!

He brings out his Heartless

Scorm: The Chi and all of the Tribe's will bow to my power!

They are fighting him and they defeated him and they retrieve the Golden Chi

Minutes Later

Laval: Dad, I'm so sorry.

Ryan: Please don’t be angry with him.

Lagravis: It’s my fault. You followed Scorm because... I wouldn’t let you follow your heart. And when you found that crystal, I lost my temper and destroyed it.

Sonata: Oh, yeah, the crystal! Why did you destroy it?

Lagravis: The crystal held the power to reveal the Keyhole. The Keyhole is dangerous. I had to keep you away from it at any cost.

Laval: Dad...

Lagravis: Key bearer, I have one more request: Seal the Keyhole. The Golden Chi also holds the power to reveal the Keyhole. Will you do it?

Ryan: Of course. That’s what we had in mind from the start.

Laval: Where is the Keyhole, Dad?

Lagravis: You should know better than anyone. It’s in the Forever Rock.

Crash: Really... Ryan, let’s go.

They are back in Forever Rock and the Golden Chi restore the Crystal and it show the Keyhole and Ryan used his Keyblade to lock the Keyhole

Laval: Tell me, Ryan. Your world, what’s it like?

Ryan: Oh, about that. I'm so sorry, I lied to you.

Laval: Oh, It's okay. Beside, if you can travel many world, maybe I can, too. So many and so many people I can meet, and I know I'll get their someday. I'll find the Way, somehow, I'm sure of it.

Cragger: Well, if you find it, do me a favor and me out of it.

They left this world

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