Whale of an Opera is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


When everyone missed Willie the Opera Singing Whale, Princess Sunset Shimmer used her Magic to revive him and give him as sacond chance for life in Equestria as the greatest opera singer on Broadway in Manehattan.

The Opera is coming to Manehattan/Missing Willie

One day in Equestria, Orange Cream and Orange Bloom are handing out invitations for the Opera at Manehattan, Everyone was have Today is the Memorial of Willie the Opera singing Whale, Princess Yuna asked her Aunt Celestia about Willie and she told her the whole story, Everyone right now really missed Willie very much, Later, Princess Sunset Shimmer begins her plan to investigate and spoke to Tetti-Tatti who felt very guilty for not understanding Willie.

Reviving Willie

So, Sunset Shimmer have to revive Willie by using her magic, Later, Sunset prayed to Aslan and was granted permission to do what she must and so, Wille the Opera Singing Whale has been revived.

Giving Willie a second chance

Yuna and Dusty Crophopper have to give Willie a second chance, But when Marble Cake came, He explained that there has been a delay of the Opera at Broadway on Manehattan because the Opera Singer is very sick with a sore throat, So, Princess Yuna decided to have Willie sing at the opera as Tetti-Tatti as the conductor of his singing.

The Opera in Manehattan

There was an opera in Manehattan and Wille the Whale was giving the best Opera Singing ever, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna gives thanks to Wille for his greatest singing performace and Tetti-Tatti for his redemption for him.


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