This is where everyone searches for Nyx in The Beginning of the Chronicles II

[Meanwhile, we see Nyx out somewhere in Canterlot as it lightly snows]

Nyx: [crying] Why does he think I'm with the Sith?! I'm not a bad filly! I'm a good filly! I don't wanna be a Sith! [runs away]

[Nyx wanders around Canterlot still crying then she hears something]

Nyx: Huh? Is someone there?

???: There, there, Nyx.

Nyx: Huh?

[then out from the shadows more droids appear!]

Nyx: [as Ariel] Who-who are you?

Droid #1: Don't be scared, Nyx.

Droid #2: We won't hurt you.

Nyx: Stay away!

Droid #3: Come with us, Nyx.

Nyx: No! I don't want anything to do with any droids!

[she then races off]

Nyx: [panting]

[she is now away from them and somewhere out in the city]

Nyx: [moans] I wish Shining would accept me.

[we then return to our heroes]

Twilight: Nyx! Where are you?!

Twilight Velvet: Nyx!

[in the Gardens]

Elsa; Nyx!

Anna: Nyx, are you here?!

Jasmine: Nyx?!

Belle: Nyx! Come out, come out, where ever you are!

Ariel: Nyx!

[With the CMC's group]

Button Mash: Nyx!

Sweetie Belle: Nyx!

Snowdrop: Nyx! Where are you?!

Minka Mark: NYX!! NYX!!! NYX!!!

[we then see Zoe and Gail sniffing the ground]

Zoe Trent: Anything?

Gail Trent: No.

Pepper Ling: Nyx! Oh, Nyx!

Vinnie Terrio: Nyxy!

Sunil Nevla: Nyx, please come back!

Joy: Nyx!

Areana: Nyxoreno!

Nellie: Ollie, ollie, oxen free! [echos]

[we then view Thomas searching along the rail lines]

Thomas: Nyx! Nyx! Nyx! [whistles]

Percy: Nyx!

Ryan: Hey, Nyx! Where are you?

James: [talking to the Canterlot station crew] Have any of seen a small black foal with purple around here?

Canterlot station crew: No.

James: Okay, thanks anyway.

Stanley: [whistling] Where are you Nyx? We miss you!

[but only his echo comes back]

[Back at the castle]

Cadance: I hope that Nyx is alright.

Blackie: Me too, this kind of thing should never happen before Christmas.

Shining Armor: She desrves to be gone.

Blackie: Stop! I've heard enough from you! You hardly will even try to get along with her, you didn't even try to give her a proper greeting when the others came into Canterlot the other day!

Shining Armor: Why should I? She was involved with the Sith attack from before!

Blackie: [finally snapping in extreme fury, he grabs Shining Armor by the throat and holds him up in the air] LISTEN, YOU BIG BAFOON!! NYX HAS BEEN LIVING WITH THOMAS AND TWILIGHT IN PEACE FOR 2 YEARS!! AND SHE WAS THE ONE WHO KILLED MAGLUS, (starts shaking him) AND YOU WON'T ACCEPT HER AS FAMILY ALL BECAUSE OF A STUPID SITH INCIDENT?!!?

[he then lets him go and pants heavily]

Cadance: Blackie? Are you alright?

Blackie: Yeah, But I think I'm goona go to find Nyx with Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick. [he leaves]

Shining Armor: [rubbing his neck] Man, for a black sheep, he has the strength of an earth pony.

[we return to Nyx]

Nyx: [slowly trudging throught the snow, cold and hurt] I'm not a bad filly. I'm not. [wipes a tear]

[then she hear some footsteps approaching her]

Nyx: Hello?

[then it reveals to be Sailor John]

Sailor John: Ere, what have we here? Oh, it's you!

Nyx: I know you, you're that sailor who took out those droids and then gave me a candy cane!

Sailor John: Yeah, that's me. Say, what are you doing out here in the middle of the city anyway? And without snow clothes of all things!

Nyx: [shivers] I'm cold. I'm out here because Shining Armor doesn't like me. He thinks I'm with the Sith,  but I'm not! I don't want anything to do with it!

Sailor John: There, there, dry your eyes. [takes out a hankercheif]

Nyx: [takes it and blows her nose]

Sailor John: Better?

Nyx: Yes.

Sailor John: I'm sure Shining Armor likes you, it sometimes takes someone a while to like someone new, even when they are involved into something bad. But you wait and see.

Nyx: You really think so?

Sailor John: Yes. Now, how about I take you back? I'm sure Twilight must be worried sick about you!

Nyx: Okay.

[Sailor John then starts leadin Nyx down a street and then they come to an alley]

Saior John: How about we take a shortcut?

Nyx: Sure.

[they then go into the alley but as it gets darker in it, John reaches in to his jacket and pulls something out]

[then Sailor John hits in the head!]

Nyx: Uh! [falls to the ground and goes out cold as the screen goes black]

Sailor John: Now, I've got you.

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