This is where Yuna is missing and then it goes 3 1/2 weeks later in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

[After the blast smoke cleared, there was no sign of Yuna.]

Princess Luna: Yuna! [coughs] YUNA!! SWEETIE!!! Yu... [sees something and gasps]

[up ahead is Nightstar lying on the ground]

Princess Luna: Yuna. [runs over to the Night Fury]

[we see Nightstar's wing patch is completely destroyed while her saddle is empty.]

Princess Luna: [voice breaking] Oh, Yuna. [she gets on her knees] I did this.

[the rest of the crowd walks up]

Skyla: [gasps]

Hiccup: Oh no.

[the other dragons then look as well]

Nightstar: [opens her eyes and looks at Luna]

Princess Luna: I'm so...I'm so sorry... To you and Yuna... [a tear streams down her cheek]

Nightstar: [unfurls her wrapped up wings, revealing she has an unconscious Yuna clutched to her body]

Princess Luna: Yuna! [grabs her and then puts an ear to her chest] Oh, she's alive! You brought her back alive!

[Everyone cheers]

[even the other dragons roar in glee]

Princess Luna: [pets Nightstar] Thank you... for saving my daughter, great warrior.

[3 1/2 weeks later]

[we See Yuna laying in her bed]

Nightstar: [growls as she looks at Yuna]

[she then nudges Yuna and slowly the said-foal starts to wake up]

Yuna: [stirs awake] Oh, hey Nightstar.

Nightstar: [nudges Yuna as she gets closer]

Yuna: I'm happy to see you too, girl.

[Nightstar starts to lick Yuna but then steps on her stomach]

Yuna: OW! What-- Uh, I'm in my bedroom. You're in my room! Uh... does my mama and papa know you're in here?!

Nightstar: [starts to jump around Yuna's room knocking some fo the knick knacks and other things over]

Yuna: Okay, okay-- no, Nightstar! Aw, come on... [she then hops out of her bed] [but when she opens the door, there's Monstrous Nightmare!] WHOA!! [slams door] Okay, Nightstar. Stay here. [she opens the door again]

Scootaloo: Come on, guys, get ready! Hold on tight! Here we go!

Yuna: [gasp] I'm dead!

Princess Luna: Not quite.

Yuna: Huh?

Princess Luna: Ever since you, Nightstar, Hiccup, and Toothless destroyed that huge dragon, we've made opeace with all other dragons and now they live with us.

Yuna: Really?!

Princess Celestia: Yes, turns out all we needed was a little more of... this.

Yuna: You just gestured to all of me.

King Solar Flare: Yes, and now thanks to you, an old Alliance has now returned.

[then Nightstar comes out]

Princess Luna: And we've figured out a way to fix Nightstar's wing.

Yuna: How so?

Zecora: [walks up with a bowl in her mouth] For your Night Fury dragon, I have creating a brew that can fix her wing so she won't be stuck lagging. [she then walks over to Nightstar and pours the brew into her mouth]

[then the hole on Nightstar's wing starts to heal and then it completely seals up!]

Yuna: No way!

Nightstar: [looks at her wing and then flaps it and then growls in satisfactory]

Yuna: Now you can fly on your own again!

Nightstar: [growls]

Princess Celestia: We're keeping them all now. But first, there's one thing that must done first.

Yuna: What's that?

Princess Celestia: You'll see.

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