(Whiffy) is Skunky's pet skunk.


Whiffle is a skunk that lives with Skunky as his pet. Skunky found Whiffle him out in the woods injured badly, so he took him to the vet and after he was taken care of, skunky took him in and raised him. soon, he learned that whiffle was attack by a badger and his stink glands were damaged from a time where he fall onto a hard sharp rock. Knowing that he couldn't use his natural defense mechanisms for protecting himself, he got him a gun. (S&W M1917) After some training, Whiffle became a skilled marksman and then later he got a shoulder hoster that could blend in with his fur. Whiffle has lived with skunky since then and has been a happy skunk.


Whiffle is a very energetic skunk, at first he was scared all the time ever since he was attacked by the badger, but after Skunky took him in he began to get his confidence back and he became happy once more, and he will help anyone of his friends if they need it.

Relationship with Fifi le Fume

Whiffle is also Fifi le Fume's boyfriend. When Fif first meet Whiffle she couldn't help but stare at him with a honey glow, this made Whiffle a little uneasy. But then he found out about how Fifi hasn't had luck finding a mate, feeling sorry for her, he then decided to be her mate. and they've been dating for a while and have developted a fine relationship.


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