Who Framed Kermi the Frog? Part 1 is the forty-ninth episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles Series


Kermit find himself being accused of a crime he didn't commit. Now, our heroes must find out who framed him. While that, Kermit escapes from jail and being hunting down the criminal who framed him. But, its not being to be easily for Kermit when he is being hunted down by the Power Rangers Dino Charge, Darkwing Duck, the Polices, Animal Control, Winnie the Pooh, E.V.I.L.S., and everyone he know. Than, Pooh and his pals and the Muppets believe that this cause be the work of the Muppets' old enemy, Constantine may be the one who framed Kermit. But, once they arrives in Russia, they learn that Constantine wasn't the one. Than who? 


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