Here's how who stole the instruments in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

Squidward: Alright, now to get the... [notices the instruments are gone] [gasp] THE INSTRUMENTS!!!! THEY'RE GONE!!

[he then goes to tell the others]


[he then takes to them to the scene of the crime]

'Buttercup:' OUR INSTRUMENTS!!

Eddy: We can't do the concert without them!

Spud: OOOH! Where have they gone?!

Spongebob: Search this whole spot for clues! Anything that can help!

Private: Here's something! Oh no, it's just lint.

Patrick: Here's a clue! [picks a soda bottle]

Mr. Blik: This is serious, Patrick!

[then Edd slips on something]

Edd: Yimp! [lands on the ground] Ow. [then he looks down and seea patch of oil] Oil! Hey, Sponge! Come look at this!

Spongebob: [comes over] Kowoski, indentify this oil!

Kowoski: [comes over and then he uses a device to indentfy the oil] This is a sample of diesel oil, Sponge.

Skipper: So, our theif is a diesel!

Wubbzy: Wow. I'd never expected a diesel.

Filburt: What are you talking about? The majority of villains we face are diesels!

Wubbzy: Oh, that's right.

Sully: Now, we just have to figure out, which diesel.

Littlefoot: It couldn't be Diesel 10, he's in jail.

Rocko: And Diesel, Arry and Bert are still on Alkatraz Island.

Cera: What about Splatter and Dodge?

Eddy: Those 2 idiots? Doubt that.

Dexter: We could always check the survalience cameras.

[They come to the servalience room]

Skipper: Alright, let's see who our theif is.

[Kowoski then presses a few keys and the videos replay and then they see the shape of the diesel coming to the instruments]

Mike: There it is!

[we se the diesel then use his claw to take the instruments as they pause the clip]

Spongebob: So, our diesel is a clawed one, like D10.

Patrick: Yeah!

Skipper; Now we just hve to find him.

Spongebob: Then, let's go! Get the train ready!

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