This is where the others try to figure who stole Zoe, in The Great Dog Caper.

[we see a drawing of Zoe Trent, up on a easel and then Tank standing next to it]

Tank: Okay, let's review this one more time. Exhibit A: Zoe Trent, kidnapped! Exhibit B: Sketches of the kidnappers. [Minka draws pictures of Burke and Blair]

Opal: They didn't look like that.

Tank: Fine. Minka, fix them.

[Minka redraws them]

Winona: They were bigger than that.

Tank: Oh picky, picky, picky.

Angel Bunny: Let's just skip to Exhibit F.

[we see a small model of the cottage and the yard]

Angel bunny: The kidnappers' vehicle. The vehicle flew the scene in this direction.

Falcon: Your eyes are in backwards, it went the other way.

Angel Bunny: Hey, zip that beak.

Vinnie Terrio: Hey, how do you spell: "CIA?"

[but then Vinnie destroys the model]

Angel Bunny: My crime scene!

Tank: Why don't you watch where you're going, Vinnie?

Vinnie Terrio: I didn't know there was a crime scene.

Pepper Clark: Hey, a little quiet please. Thank you.

Tank: huh?

Angel bunny: [shrugs]

[they start walking toward Pepper, who is trying to type something]

Tank: Pepper, what are you doing?

Pepper Clark: It's some kind of word encoded on the car's license plate.

Angel Bunny: But Pepper, it's just a jumble of letters.

Timber: No. It isn't. Some license plates can have words spelt in them.

Pepper Clark: [listens to another guest of the word] Hmm.

Angel Bunny: Oh, this can't help. Let's leave Pepper with this scrap.

Pepper Clark: Scrap, scrap scrap. Hold on! [types something, and then presses play]

Voice: Burke and Blair's Scrapyard.

Other pets: Burke and Blair's Scrapyard!

Pepper Clark: [picks up the feather] Minka! Draw those tugboats wearing gray hard hats.

Minka Mark: [redraws Burke and Blair]

Other pets: [gasp]

Sunil Nevla: It's the tugboats from that commercial!

Oliver: They're our suspects!

Falcon: I knew there was something else I didn't like about those 2 damn tugs.

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