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Wilbur From Meet The Robinsons

Wilbur is the son of cornelious robinson and is one of the protagonists of Meet the Robinsons. In the film, Wilbur appears at the science fair trying to protect Lewis from the bowler hat guy who wants Lewis and take over the future he takes Lewis to his home 2037 which is his home in the future he found out that Lewis meet his family but he and Lewis helped out as friends to fix the time machine so he won't get in trouble by his dad, Cornelious Robinson. At the end of the film, he takes Lewis back to the present with his memory scanner and Wilbur used his time machine to go back to the future where his family the Robinsons are and wrote See You Later Dad.


  • Wilbur will meet Winnie the Pooh, Zazu, Jiminy Cricket, the Vultures, Bloom, Littlefoot and the others in Pooh's Adventures of Meet the Robinsons.
  • Wilbur along with Lewis will not join the Shell Louge Squad with Spongebob and friends but he will meet Spyro and the rest of the shell louge squad if scroopfan will make A spyro crossover with Meet The Robinsons if it's upcoming.
  • We dont know if Lewis And Wilbur will either guest stars in the Pooh's adventures series and it's spin-offs.