Here is how Wilbur to the Rescue and The Chase on the Construction Building goes in Adventures in Foal-Sitting.


Wilbur the Albartross: (flies around Equestria) I hope I'd get them home before Yuna and the others get here!

Then, He found the baby foals heading to the Construction Building.

Prince Indy: (gurgling)

Princess Anna: (gurgling)

Wilbur the Albartross: Oh no! I better make sure they don't get hurt!

Prince Isamu: (gurgling)

Wilbur the Albartross: I'm coming!

Meanwhile, Yuna and her friends are going back to Skylands.

Princess Yuna: We'd better go home and make sure Wilbur's doing okay with the babies.

Brownie: Good thing that the party is great after clean up from Pinkie's boot prints after she steps on the muddy ground.

Human Pinkie Pie: Oh, I remember now. I accidentally got my boots a mess from that.

Snowdrop: I hope Wilbur keeps an eye on the babies.

Human Twilight Sparkle: I'm sure he is, Snowdrop.

Human Rarity: I agree, Twilight.

At the Construction Building.

Sebeena Crophopper: (laughing)

Wilbur the Albartross: Come back here!

Prince Indy: (laughing)

Princess Anna: (laughing)

Wilbur the Albartross: Got you!

Prince Isamu: (happily giggling)

Wilbur the Albartross: Time to go home!

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