Wild West Escapade is another movie of Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles.


The western engines take our heroes on a trip to see one of their old western towns "Great Pinerton", (along with Applejack's cousins: ) only to find it's in danger of being torn down! When they find out that Diamond Tiara convinced her father to do the deed, Stephen manages to negotiate with Filthy Rich. Filthy Rich makes a deal if they can show him the deed for the town then he'll let them keep the town. However the western engines can't remember where they put the deed! But they manage to find the map they made that could lead them to the deed. Now our heroes must travel over desert plains and ride the rails. But Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon tag along to steal the deed for themselves, for it's not the town itself they're after. From western trains, to runaway handcars, and to old mine cars, our heroes take a wild west journey to save an old western town from destruction


Arrival in Great Pinerton




  1.  On a Handcar

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