William "Furno" is a powerful Hero from the Hero Factory. A promising rookie in his youth, Furno had a successful career under the tutelage of the Alpha 1 Team, and was eventually promoted to the team, along with his teammates Mark Surge and Natalie Breez.


Fourth and current form.

Furno is impatient, but passionate, and eager to prove himself, especially to Stormer. He is also very overconfident, and believes he has the skill to succeed at any task. This amount of self-confidence forces him to push his own limits in order to succeed at harder tasks, even during his downtime. Time and missions have tempered his overconfidence, though he is still very eager. His attitude brought him into conflict with the similarly headstrong new rookie on the team, Rocka, who was modeled after Furno himself, though Furno grew to accept the rookie. As of Breakout, he tends to aid his allies with advice if required.

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