Here is how Discord kills Willy in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Willy: [fires his rifle] Keep fighting! We can't let them find out the way to Shangri-La!

[but then Discord sneaks up behind Willy, and draws his Changling saber]

Sunil Nevla: Willy! Behind you!

Willy: [looks back and then activates his own saber and clashes with Discord's]

Discord: Your powers are weak, orca.

Willy: You think so? You haven't seen me in Lightsaber combat yet.

Discord: We'll see!

[they continue clashing their sabers as they move across a walkway]

Sunil Nevla: I may not be brave, but I can't let Willy deal with that jerk alone! [he takes out his own lightsaber and activates it and then Force leaps up to the walkway and races to help Willy]

[The 2 are still clashing]

[then they come to a doorway where it closes every few minutes]

[the doors then close seperating Willy from Discord and Sunil from Willy]

[The 3 stopped for a while]

[then the door between Willy and Discord opens as the 2 go back to their duel. Then the door in front of Sunil opens and he races forward again]

[But a door closes leaving Sunil to watch Willy and Discord duel]

[The 2 kept on clashing]

Sunil Nevla: [twisting his tail in worry]

[Then all the suddenly, Discord elbows Willy and then stabs him in the chest with his Changling saber!]

(Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace "Qui-Gon's Noble End" plays)


[Sunil's "No" echoes around the gorge, which catches Fluttershy's ear]

Fluttershy: Sunil? [she then flies up to the walkway]

Dolphy: (pauses as he senses Willy's death) No.... (slowly shuts his eyes, trying to hold back tears)

[Then Skystar stops in her tracks and senses what happened]

Skystar: (with tears in her eyes) Oh no...

[Fluttershy then flies forward and sees Sunil at one end]

Sunil Nevla: NOO!!! No! No! No!

Fluttershy; What is it?

Sunil Nevla: I'm afraid that our Willy, is gone! [points to his body]

Fluttershy: [gasps] Willy! [runs over to Willy] Willy! Are you okay?

Willy: [is barely alive] Don't worry Fluttershy, [coughs] I'll be fine.

Fluttershy: Willy, no! Stay with me Willy!

Willy: Flutters, before I go... [brings up Fluttershy's hoof, then takes out his watch and places it in Fluttershy's hoof] here, have my watch...[coughs]

Fluttershy: Will.... [she starts shedding tears]

Willy: And.. [takes off his Christian necklace and puts it around her neck] as long as you have my necklace and my watch, I'll always be with you... [coughs] and you'll never feel lonesome...


Willy: Don't worry about me, [is slowly dying] I'll be alright. You're the best friend I could ever have, Shy... [his fin falls to the ground and his eyes close as he now passes away]

Fluttershy: NO!! WILLY!! PLEASE STAY WITH ME!! DON'T LEAVE ME!! [beginning to cry] Willy! William! Don't go! Come back... Willy, don't leave me... [voice breaking] Come back...

Sunil Nevla: [puts his hand on her back] It's no good Fluttershy, I'm afraid, he's gone.

Fluttershy: Good bye, my friend... I'll never forget you. [kisses Willy on the forehead, then finally breaks] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [starts crying herself out, loudly]

[then Penny Ling races in]

Penny Ling: [gasps] Is he?

Sunil Nevla: Yes.

Penny Ling: [lightly gasps as she falls to the ground] No... [tearing up] No. [sniffs] [then she bursts out rivers of tears] [cries]

Sunil Nevla; Oh, why'd it have to be Will?! [wipes a tear]

[they then Force carry Willy out and then take him to a safer place]

[once Willy is in a safer spot, Fluttershy then falls to the ground and weeps again]

[Skystar then races over but stops when she sees Willy dead as she drops her Lightsabers as tears start streaming down her cheeks]

Skystar: Willy, NO!! (She then races over to him and opens one of his eye but finds no sign of life) No... No... Willy... (she then falls onto him and starts crying) No, the one aquatic being who lives on land, that was a true friend like I never had is gone.. (she then cries harder as she lays on Willy's side) [through her tears] I never got to tell him... I never got to tell him.

Rarity: [comes in] What's wrong?

Penny Ling: Discord killed Willy in a lightsaber duel!

Rarity: Oh, my!

Fluttershy: [rubs Willy's head] Don't worry..... [sniff] We'll figure something out.... [resumes crying]

Rarity: Oh, darling. Come here. [Rarity holds Fluttershy in an embrace as the timid pegasus cries in her shoulder] I'm so sorry, sweetie. [strokes her mane]

Fluttershy: [cries] I can't believe he's gone. [continues sobbing]

Rarity: It'll be okay, Darling.

[then Zoe comes into the scene]

Zoe Trent: OH NO!!!!! This is terrible!

Sunil Nevla; Yeah. It really is.

Penny Ling: It's horrible! [sobs]

Gail Trent: Without Willy, who will fight Darth Megadon?

Zoe Trent: I'm not sure but we need to figure out something!

Sunil Nevla: [growls] Curse you, DISCORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [it echoes]

[with the villains]

Discord: That is it.

Darth Megadon: [glares at Discord]

Discord: What?

[but then to the villains' surprise, Megadon then grabs Discord by the throat]

Darth Megadon: YOU STUPID IMBECILE!!!! [slams him against the wall] I didn't want William dead! I wanted him alive so I could duel him again! But thanks to you, I can't do that! YOU RUINED IT!! YOU STUPID, IDIOT MASHMASH CREATURE FROM ABOMINATION!!! [starts strangling Discord]

Queen Chrysalis: Jezz, take it easy Megadon.

Discord: [chocking] I'm sorry.

Darth Megadon: [releases him] You're lucky I'm not like my Master.

[back with our heroes]

Edd: What happened?

Penny Ling: Discord killed Willy!

Edd: [gasps]

Eddy: What?!

Ed: SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! [starts crying]