Here is how Discord kills Willy in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Willy: [fires his rifle] Keep fighting! We can't let them find out the way to Shangri-La!

[but then Discord sneaks up behind Willy, and draws his Changling saber]

Sunil Nevla: Willy! Behind you!

Willy: [looks back and then activates his own saber and clashes with Discord's]

Discord: Your powers are weak, orca.

Willy: You think so? You haven't seen me in Lightsaber combat yet.

Discord: We'll see!

[they continue clashing their sabers as they move across a walkway

Sunil Nevla: I may not be brave, but I can't let Willy deal with that jerk alone! [he takes out his own lightsaber and activates it and then Force leaps up to the walkway and races to help Willy]

[The 2 are still clashing]

[then they come to a doorway where it closes every few minutes]

[the doors then close seperating Willy from Discord and Sunil from Willy]

[The 3 stopped for a while]

[then the door between Willy and Discord opens as the 2 go back to their duel. Then the door in front of Sunil opens and he races forward again]

[But a door closes leaving Sunil to watch Willy and Discord duel]

[The 2 kept on clashing]

Sunil Nevla; [twisting his tail in worry]

[Then all the suddenly, Discord elbows Willy and then stabs him in the chest with his Changling saber!]

Sunil Nevla: [as Obi-Wan] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Sunil's "No" echoes around the gorge, which catches Fluttershy's ear]

Fluttershy: Sunil? [she then flies up to the walkway and sees Sunil at one end]

Sunil Nevla: NOO!!! No! No! No!

Fluttershy; What is it?

Sunil Nevla: I'm afraid that our Willy, is gone! [points to his body]

Fluttershy: [gasps] Willy! [runs over to Willy] Willy! Are you okay?

Willy: [is barely alive] Don't worry Fluttershy, [coughs] I'll be fine.

Fluttershy: Willy, no! Stay with me Willy!

Willy: Flutters, before I go... [brings up Fluttershy's hoof, then takes out his watch and places it in Fluttershy's hoof] here, have my watch...[coughs]

Fluttershy: Will.... [she starts shedding tears]

Willy: And.. [takes off his Christian necklace and puts it around her neck] as long as you have my necklace and my watch, I'll always be with you... [coughs] and you'll never feel lonesome...


Willy: Don't worry about me, [is slowly dying] I'll be alright. You're the best friend I could ever have, Shy... [his fin falls to the ground and his eyes close as he now passes away]

Fluttershy: NO!! WILLY!! PLEASE STAY WITH ME!! DON'T LEAVE ME!! [beginning to cry] Come back... Willy, don't leave me... [voice breaking] Come back... Willy! William! Don't go!

Sunil Nevla: [puts his hand on her back] It's no good Fluttershy, I'm afraid, he's gone.

Fluttershy: Good bye, my friend... I'll never forget you. [kisses Willy on the forehead, then finally breaks] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [starts crying herself out, loudly]

[then Penny Ling races in]

Penny Ling: [gasps] Is he?

Sunil Nevla: Yes.

Penny Ling: [lightly gasps as she falls to the ground] No... [tearing up] No. [sniffs] [then she bursts out rivers of tears] [cries]

Sunil Nevla; Oh, why'd it have to be Will?! [wipes a tear]

[they then Force carry Willy out and then take him to a safer place]

[once Willy is in a safer spot, Fluttershy then falls to the ground and weeps again]

Rarity: [comes in] What's wrong?

Penny Ling: Discord killed Willy in a lightsaber duel!

Rarity: Oh, my!

Fluttershy: [rubs Willy's head] Don't worry..... [sniff] We'll figure something out.... [resumes crying]

Rarity: Oh, darling. Come here. [Rarity holds Fluttershy in an embrace as the timid pegasus cries in her shoulder] I'm so sorry, sweetie. [strokes her mane]

Fluttershy: [cries] I can't believe he's gone. [continues sobbing]

Rarity: It'll be okay, Darling.

[then Zoe comes into the scene]

Zoe Trent: OH NO!!!!! This is terrible!

Sunil Nevla; Yeah. It really is.

Penny Ling: It's horrible! [sobs]

Gail Trent: Without Willy, who will fight Darth Megadon?

Zoe Trent: I'm not sure but we need to figure out something!

Sunil Nevla: [growls] Curse you, DISCORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [it echoes]

[with the villains]

Discord: That is it.

Darth Megadon: [glares at Discord]

Discord: What?

[but then to the villains' surpirse, Megadon then grabs Discord by the troght]

Darth Megadon; YOU DUMB IDIOT!!! [slanms him against the wall] I didn't want William dead! I wanted him alive so I could duel him again! But thanks to you, I can't do that! YOU RUINIED IT!! [starts strangling Discord]

Queen Chrysalis: Jezz, take it easy Megadon.

Discord: [chocking] I'm sorry.

Darth Megadon: [releases him] You're lucky I'm not like my Master.

[back with our heroes]

Edd: What happened?

Penny Ling: Discord killed Willy!

Edd: [gasps]

Eddy: What?!

Ed: SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! [starts crying]

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