This is how Fluttershy risks her life to resurrect Willy in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Evan: [fires his Krag] This is crazy! [ejects the shell then chambers the next round] We need Willy! He's the only one who can defeat Discord, while we do the other villains!

Edward: [using his shotgun] There has to be a way to bring back Willy!

Fluttershy: [remembers something] The healing waters. [takes out a crystal] "Drip the crystal into the waters and you can resurrect a being" [steps out of the trench] Willy saved me, now it's my turn to save Willy! I must get to the temple!!

[somewhere in the afterlife]

Fluttershy: Where am I? Am I dead?

????: We've been watching you for a long, long time.

[then a pod of orcas swim up to Fluttershy]

Willy's Father: You have fought for William C. Orca, our family member who survived. With courage and sacrifice, the markings of a true warrior. You've proven yourself worthy to be a warrior.

Willy's father: Merge the crystal you carry with William's chest and he will live again. It always has been your destiny.

[back in reality]


Fluttershy: [gasping]

Sunil Nevla:

Flttershy: [gasp!] The crystal! Where's the crystal?!

Spongebob: [points to something] There it is!

Fluttershy: [picks up the crystal. Then climbs onto Willy's body] YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! [jams the crystal into Willy's chest]

Willy: [his eyes shot open] Uh! [gets up while grunting] Fluttershy, you returned for me.

Fluttershy: [sheds tears of joy] YES!!! WIlLY, YOU'RE BACK!! [embraces the orca]

Human Fluttershy: [gasps in relief] You brought him back!

Willy: It's alright. [returns the embrace. Then he puts his free fin on her head, running his fin through her mane and occasionally scratching her ear.]

[then they hear the villians continue the gunfighting]

Willy: [lets go of Fluttershy] Where is he? WHERE'S THAT JERK DISCORD?!

Mr. Krabs: Over there, across the court yard!

Willy: I'll teach that damn jerk to kill me! [hops out of the trench]

Fluttershy: Willy! [throws him the M1 Garand clip loaded witht the frozen snake venom bullets]

Willy: [catches the clip and loads it into his rifle] Now to kill that jerk. [starts racing across the courtyard]