Here's how Willy and Sharky's argument, and the chase scene goes in Wrath of the Country.

[Soon we see TES loading up their guns, and the Deceptitrains in their train forms]

Megatrain: Today, we kill!

[Then it cuts back to the junkyard where the team are getting new weapons, and Brian walks in with his collar and look in surprise]

Judy Hopps: Wow, Brian. Where did you get the new collar?

Brian: I just got in my beauty sleep. It makes me feel like a man, but very strong. Watch. [he puts his arm under a car and lifts it up]

Everyone: Whoa!

Pops: Do me, do me!

Brian: Alright, alright! [he lefts up the car with Pops on it]

Pops: [laughing]

Sylveon: Geez, Brian! You look more handsome in black.

Brian: Aw thanks. It's more cutting and nicer than that red one. [drops the car] Can't wait to test my force skills with it when we face a villain.

[Then we see Willy meditating]

Mako: It was amazing. Infact, it was more than amazing! It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen in my whole life! He told Mucker not to talk about, and all I'm saying is, it could be hope. We can be one of them.

Sharky: So, he kept it a secret, from us?

Mako: Well...

Sharky: How does he think he is? [goes to him]

Mako: No, wait!

Sharky: Yo! Question, what are the important traits of a ninja? What are the 3 most important traits of the ninja?

Willy: Easy. Speed, stealth...

Sharky: And honor. Like you having honor keeping secrets of us turning into Trainsformers?

Willy: I don't what you're talking about.

Sharky: Oh, [chuckles] what a surprise! You're lying to us now!

Willy: If you're referring the ooze. It's called: compartmentalization of information.

Sharky: If there's a possibility that ooze can turn us into Trainsformers...

Willy: We're engines. Rather you like it or not.

Sharky: It's not about what I like, it's about what the others are willing to accept. You should have told us before you decided to do something like that.

Willy: I consulted Mucker, and we decided....

Sharky: And what about us, huh?! We don't get a vote?!

Willy: There's only one person who makes a vote in this team, me!

[The 2 glare at each other]

[Then suddenly a drone spots the others in the junkyard, as Peter spots it in the sky. Then the Deceptitrains broke through the fence as the sheriff runs to a speaker]

Sheriff: Brian, code red! Code red!

Brian: Shoot! Guys, we gotta go, they found us!

[Mucker comes to the others]

Mucker: Guys, we have to go! The Deceptitrains found us!

Willy: Gear up, Mucker! The rest of you can stay here.

Sharky: You're abandoning us?!

Willy: Maybe I am!

Mako: What did I do?

Shai-Shay: Yeah, and what did we do?!

Mucker: Sorry guys. [follows Willy]

Mako: Well, that went well.

Skunky: Wait, what's going on?

Mako: Mucker found an ooze that can turn us into Trainsformers.

Puffy: What?!

Evan: That's crazy!

Sharky: The nerve he has! Thinking that he can order us around, and let him be the boss of us?! We'll, that's gonna change!

J.J.: What do you mean?

Sharky: If we get more on this stuff, we can know so much more about it!

The others: Yeah!

Mako: I still don't get what you're saying, though.

[Soon the others are packing up their stuff, and hop into the others]

Sparkshot: You guys go! I'll hold them off!

Kanan Jarrus: Don't be a hero, Spark Shot!

Sparkshot: Just go, I'll catch up!

Ezra Bridger: Kanan, come on!

[They hop on Percy and they all exit the junkyard as the Deceptitrains]

Sawvage: What the hell? There's nobody here!

Hunter: What a pitty, I wanted to knock some heads!

[Then we see Megatrain holding Track-Arachnis' head]

Megatrain: The end is coming, Track Arachnis. I'm sorry your not around to see it.

Mr. Great White: Yo, M-Train!

Megatrain: [turns around and sees the Cartoon Engines] Well, well, well. You came to surrender, huh?

[But then Sparkshot appears]

Sparkshot: Come here, you little sucker! [he begins firing at him, but Megatrain fights back]

[Then it cuts back to our heroes still driving on the high way and it shows the tracker still on Percy]

Soldier: They're coming this way!

Alex: Box themselves in, they'll protect themselves.

Kallus: We'll see about that.

[Soon they arrive at an abandoned town and they stop]

Brian: Alright, let's go.

[Soon the trains transform and James sees something]

James: What's this? [picks it off him]

Edward: It's a tracking device!

James: I knew it! Percy, when will you have sense?!

[We see the team driving the way]

Gunship pilot: They're not that far. There in a abandoned town.

[And then suddenly, Cruncher comes out of the ground and attacks the team and making some of the cars crashing]

Cruncher: [roars like the Carnotaurus from Dinosaur]

Alex: Let's go! Out, out, out, out, out!

[They hop out of their vehicles, but Kallus goes back in the van and activates something]

Alex: Hey, what are you doing? That's TES operations!

Kallus: Open your eyes! Those were my men! [shoves him and it goes back to the town]

Dog: They're gonna catch us! And they're gonna throw us in jail!

Brian: Not today. Get in positions, everyone!

[And then Kallus takes out some controls and activates probes and they fly off, and Brian activates some explosives and the Deceptitrains arrive]

Blister: Where are you babies? Deceptitrain brothers are here!

Ballistic: Yeah, come out and fight me!

Megatrain: Search this town! He's here. I can smell it!

Sawvage: You got that right, bro!

Brian: [gets walkie talkie] Guys, get ready.

Courage: Hey guys, can I just bail out?

Brian: Don't attack till I say so.

[Then some metal fall down, and it reveals to be BB-8 hiding]

BB-8: [beeping: "Uh oh!"]

Megatrain: Get over here, you little Cockroach!

[BB-8 does so nervously]

Hunter: Ha, he's not that bad!

[Megatrain picks him up]

Megatrain: Yeah, he's just a parasite.

Gabby: Hey!

[Brian looks back and see Gabby blowing everyone's cover]

Brian: Oh, shoot!

[As he speaks, the talisman has appeared and deploys little legs]

Starsmoke: Look at that worthy opponent. Running up to save her little friend.

Gabby: Go to Tartarus!

Megatrain: This planet is Tartarus!

[Then the talisman jumps on Brian and attaches to him, as he yells in pain]

Gabby: I'm not gonna ask you again, let him go! You think I'm afraid of you?

Brian: Gabby! Stop!

Megatrain: Brian Griffin! You have something that belongs to me!

[But Sylveon grabs Brian's rifle and shoots his arm, and Brian activates the explosives and they run to Gabby and pull her out of there]

Brian: Are you out of your mind?! You could have gotten yourself killed!

Megatrain: Get them!

Hunter: We're on it!

[They chase after him as Brian fires his pistol at them but they still chase him and Megatrain fires his cannon hoping to vaporize them, but blows up several cars and then Cruncher appears and kills Blister and Ballistic, while the other Trainbots attack and kill Chainer by blasting off his right arm and legs, and decapitate him]

Charlie: Doesn't get any better than that!

Starsmoke: Sir! We can't fight them, we have to fall back!

Megatrain: Very well! Deceptitrains, retreat!

[He, Starsmoke, and Hunter transform and escape]

Stephen: And don't come back!