Everybody is here at the Dream Festival

Yosemite: I wonder who's gonna win the Millions Dreams Award?

Elmer: Don't know.

Mac: Oh, boy! I hope it's the guy I'm voting for.

Tosh: I'm voting for him, too!

Gossamer: This is gonna be great. My mum will be happy for me to win.

Pete: Of course, and I bet Daffy would be so surprised that we won. And we will be number 1!

Then Granny, Tweety, Tina and Look appeared at the Stage

Lola: Hello, everybody. And thank you for waiting. Now, it's time to begin the main event of our dream festival- the Million Dreams Award presentation.

Sylvester: Alright, just say the part for my name. And I'm gonna be in it.

Lola: Whoa, that's so cool! We have 5 Winners, the Million Dreams Award goes to... Sparx, Gibson, Nova, Otto and Antuari. All 5 of you.

They are Cheering to them, Nova and Otto looks so happy

Nova: The others are here?

Otto: Wow! We became a winners now!

Sylvester: What are you saying!

He jump up the Stage

Sylvester: There has to be a mistake! Everyone, vote for Captain Justice and I'm sure of it. So, go on and tell her.

They look silent

Sylvester: Maybe, I'll try the other one.

He change his Outfit

Sylvester: The Rogue Racer,  Captain Dark the Cat.

They ignored him

Lola: Sylvester, we came up for the votes very clearly. Sparx, Gibson, Nova, Otto and Antuari won. Look, Sylvester, I think you tried to do something good, but you were doing it for the wrong reasons, and you went about it the wrong way. Still, a couple of citizens mist have thought you had goodness in you, because you actually got a few votes. They knew you were looking out for them.

Sylvester: Whatever. Just me the prize and I'll go.

Lola: Sylvester! They voted for you because they believe in you and care about you. How could you look down for yourself? I tried to forgive for everything that you did, and I think I'm going crazy for this. Now you've finally crossed the line.

Sylvester: Like those words matters to me. Besides, what are you gonna do about it?

Lola: Well, I have no choice, but to do it! Guards!

She summon them and they take away Sylvester

Sylvester: What are you doing? Let me go! You're hurting my hands! Easy there! Ouch!

Then they took him away

Lola: Alright, everyone. Let's get this over with. With the 5 Winners. Sparx, Gibson, Nova, Otto and Antuari, please come on up to the stage.

Nova and Otto come up to the Stage

Lola: Oh No, it looks like our other winners couldn't make it here in time.

That make Nova and Otto sad

Nova: We must have just missed them.

Otto: This stinks. I really missed them so much.

Lola: Maybe, you could accept the awards on their behalf. After all, you did a great job here in the Dream Festival. So now, I hereby present the Million Dreams Award... As a token of how much you you matter to us. Congratulations.

They Cheered to them

Otto: Thanks!

Nova: Thank you, everyone!

Lola: And for that, we have created something special to you- Royalberry Ice Cream and Frabracadaba!

Yosemite: Oh boy! I wish I have that ice cream like that.

Mac: What does it taste? 

Tosh: Go on, try it!

Nova and Otto are taking a bite of the Ice Cream

Lola: How does it taste?

Otto: Whoa! This is cool! Thanks!

Nova: That's delicious. It makes my heart go fast.

Lola: (Chuckle) I knew you like it.

They are Cheering to them


Sylvester: I cannot believe she put me in the place like that! Well, all I have to do is to get out.

Black Doom: (Voice) Silence, fool! You do not posses that kind of power.

Sylvester: Um... Who said that?

Black Doom: (Voice) Listen to me. And don't be scared like scaredy cat.

Sylvester: Okay... (Shaking)

Black Doom: If you do what I ask, I may decided to release you from this prison.

Sylvester: Really? Well, okay then. Just get me out of here, please. And you can tell me what to do.

Black Doom: That word is very wise. Now... Proceed. With your help, soon every world in existence will all be mine!

He went to Portal and it disappeared

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