Winnie is the daughter of the Wolfman. Quite often Winnie would howl before making a statement and does not turn back into a human during daylight hours. She wears a blue dress, a light blue bow-tie and has light brown fur and orange, curly hair. Winnie knows how to make a good juicer for making bitter lemonade as she made one for her father in the film. She talks the most out of all the girls. She is competitive and loud.


  • She is the niece of Lawrence Talbot as revealed in Cherry and the Ghoul School and occasionally visits him and has a human form whenever she visits the neighborhood.
  • She has an older sister named Clawdette who goes to Monster High.
  • Winnie looks up to Atticus like an older brother and she gets her wish in Cherry and the Reluctant Werewolves.