Winnie the Pooh: Heroes and Villains Part 2 is the first episode thay will be made by Shadow101815. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future


Bowser Koopa and the rest of his recruits have travelled to Yen Sid's place and had finally captured him. Meanwhile Pooh, Ash and their friends have finally made it to Yen Sid's place and realized that he is gone. In order to save Yen Sid from Bowser, his family, and the rest of their old enemies, Zordon and Alpha 5 have called The Power Rangers to come see them and help them out. Meanwhile at Koopa Castle Bowser and the villains are celebrating their victory for kidnapping Yen Sid, however, Bowser is beginning to fade out of existense. Bowser begins to wonder why is he fading away so quickly. He then discovers that Mistress Nine had gave him a fading potion in his drink, however, Mistress Nine reveals to be: Ivan Ooze. As much to Bowser's surprise, he begins to wonder how was he alive all this time, in which the events takes place right after Ivan Ooze Strikes Back Part 2. Ivan explains how he was alive all this time, and had mentioned that Mistress Nine is trapped under Koopa Jail. However, he stopped the fading potion forever happening, and had told Bowser about his evil plan. Ivan's original plan was for Bowser to fade away from existence, so that Ivan himself can disguise as Bowser in order to make his family, and his recruits do ever little thing he says. But then Ivan had just realize that he over heard Bowser talking about the author that can force a happy ending to the villains. So to make matters worse, Ivan and Bowser made a deal with each other by saying if Bowser can find the author and change a happy ending for him, then he will let him live. However the deal is done, Mistress Nine is released from Koopa Jail, and that the villains' search for the two other sorcerer's still continues.