This is the transcript to Winnie the Pooh: Journey to the Ancient Temple in Skull Island.

Opening Scene/Friendship Gift

Rabbit's Kidnapped

[Scene starts in the morning when Pooh comes out of his house]

  • Pooh: Hello, everyone.
  • Ronald: Hi, Pooh.
  • Gang: Hi, Pooh.
  • Pooh: How are you today?
  • Bambi: We're pretty well, thank you. How about you?
  • Pooh: Ok.
  • Copper: We're ready to go.

[Music: Perfect Isn't Easy begins]

  • Piglet: What was that?
  • Boo Boo: I am hearing the music.
  • Hunter: I have no idea how it came into Hundred Acre Wood.
  • Mytyl: Did you hear that music, Tyltyl?
  • Tyltyl: I heard something.
  • Tigger: Oh, what do you know? (Georgette appears) It's Georgette.

[Georgette gasps]

  • Georgette: Hey, guys. I'm sorry I'm late. Wasn't I invited.
  • Pooh: Oh, bother. I forgot.
  • Georgette: It's ok, Pooh.
  • Clifford: That's right, Pooh. We make mistake sometime.
  • Pooh: (smiles) You're right.
  • Georgette: Well, (sings) girl, we've got work to do

Pass me the paint and glue

Perfect isn't easy

But it's me

When one knows the world is watching

One does what one must

Some minor adjustments, darling

Not for my vanity, but for humanity

Each little step a pose

See how the breeding shows, uh!

Sometimes it's too much

For even me!

But when all the world says, "Yes"

Then who am I to say "No"?

Don't ask a mutt to strut like a show girl

No, girl, you need a pro

Not a flea or a flaw

Take a peek at that paw

La dee da da

Perfection becomes me, n'est-ce pas?

Unrivaled, unruffled

I'm beauty unleashed, yeah

Jaws drop - hearts stop

So classic and classy - we're not talking Lassie

And ahh! Ahh! Ooh!

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ruff ruff ruff! Ow!

Though many covet my bone and bowl

They're barking up the wrong tree

You pretty pups all over the city

I have your hearts and you have my pity

Pretty is nice, but still

It's just pretty

Perfect, my dears

Is me!

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