Here's a transcript of Winnie the Pooh & Barney's Musical Castle.

The Storing Conituned/Opening scene

(At Griffin's House, they watching TV just the Powers is out)

A Raining Day

(It show the open scene, and it's starts at Christopher Robin's house on a rainy day)

Tigger: It was nice Christopher Robin, to use his fun stuff while he's gone.

Rabbit: Yes, and is too bad, we're not having fun.

Timmy: Boring.

Wanda: Yeah, you said it.

Cosmo: There's nothing to do around here.

SpongeBob: Yeah, we're bored.

Piglet: Oh, dear.

Tigger: Say, Piglet. Did you find something to do?

Piglet: Oh, hello Tigger, I just--

Tigger: Don't tell me. Oh! I got It! You're playing Hiding seak, and I'm seak you. I'm won, but wasn't even playing.

Timmy: Tigger? That's not what he's about to say.

Patrick: Besides we already did that.

Piglet: They right, Tigger, you see the thunder-

Tigger: I saw you wasn't hiding, here let me show you how. The only thing Tiggers to better seaking, it's hiding.

(Then, he's try to hid Piglet)

Tigger: There! Now I'll never find you, Piglet.

(Then Pooh founds, Piglet)

Pooh: Why, I believe Piglet's right here, Tigger.

Timmy: Boring! Let's play video games.

SpongeBob: Or watch Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

Eeyore: Well, that was exciting. What are we gonna do now?

Wanda: Any ideas?

Patrick: Nope.

Comso: Maybe we can find a better room to do.

Tigger: Cosmo's right, There's sout of fun to hid around this house, all we got to seak it.

Rabbit: And where pretail are suppost to start seaking?

Tigger: Say Pooh-Boy, you seak Piglet preaty good, so where we gonna seak out some fun?

SpongeBob: Yeah, right.

Timmy: Like that's ever gonna happen.

Pooh: Well, it's seam to me, that we surting can't seak out, because out so really wetest to be, out of a question.

Mickey: So, where we gonna do it, Pooh?

Pooh: (Chuckles) Up.

Piglet: Oh, dear. It is "up", closer to the "Thunder"?

Wanda: Piglet's right you know, Pooh. It could be dangerous.

Otis: Yeah, she's right. It could be.

SpongeBob: You don't get struck by lightning.

Eeyore: If you ask me, that nobody is, Pooh means we might find something fun to do up the attic.

Piglet: The attic? Yip!!! It's that dark scary place, were things go, and never seam again?

Rabbit: Don't be silly, Piglet, Attic, were thing store for raining days.

Piglet: (Scearms)

Pooh: And that's today.

Rabbit: There's nothing fright about, Piglet.

Sandy: Yeah, there's lot of Interesting things up the attic, Piglet.

Squidward: Maybe there's a clarinet in the junk.

Cosmo: Or Churros!!

Timmy: Really? Churros!? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

Mr. Krabs: Or Money!

Pooh: I think is the; Oflly part that worry him, Guys.

(Every ones stop and got worry)

Eeyore: To make a long story short, Uh oh.

Tigger: We're gonna have fun just getting there.

Piglet: We are?

Tigger: Sure, We might run in some: Sporckfuls.

Piglet: Oh, dear, Sporckfuls!

Patrick: Yeah, or a Flydushin'.

Freddy: Yeah, or a monster is gonna eat Peck?

Peck: Yeah! Wait, what?!

Rabbit: Don't be reidiculous, guys, there'a absolutely nothing to fear. And specially Pooh lead the way.

All: Pooh?

Pooh: Yes.

Rabbit: Yes in indeed. Pooh is as Tigger pointed out, the best of us as seaking. It's only fair he should the honer going first.

Piglet: Oh, are you really going first, Pooh?

Pooh: Yes, Piglet. It's seam I am, really slowing.

Eeyore: I'm glad that, know one that Donkeys going first.

Abby: Yeah, I'm not going first!

Freddy: Me Too!

Rabbit: You go right ahead, Pooh.

(Then when Pooh go on his first step, Everyone run off and went to the closet)

Rabbit: My, that was close.

Piglet: Oh, it's offly dark in here.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I can't see a thing.

Timmy: Yeah, me either.

Pip: What if something in the darks grabs us and takes us to it's lair.

Tigger: Don't worry my friends, nothing can get us from here.

Eeyore: Unless it got here first.

Rabbit: Oh, my goodness greatless!

(Everyone running again, and heading tord to Pooh)

Pooh: It's appears, this step is safe. (Chuckles) But, noicy, should I go on, Rabbit? Tigger?

(Eeyore pass throw Pooh, and go up into attic)

Rabbit: That was close!

Duke: Yeah, it would have eaten us, like Bowser tried to do it.

Cosmo: That's right. His breath smell bad, too.

Otis: Yeah, now, there's nothing to worry about for now.

(There's a nocking)

Tigger: Than we're so safe, why's my heart still-- Knocking?

Rabbit: That's not you're heart knocking, it's-- (Gasp) Oh, Oh my!

Eeyore: Somebody, or something, at the door.

Tigger: That's reif, for a secend there, I thought we're trouble.

Rabbit: Tigger, No!!!!

(Than Tigger open the door and it's Pooh)

Pooh: Hello everyone, am I miss any fun?(Chuckles)

Piglet: Oh, Pooh Bear.

Timmy: That's a relief.

Pig: Did the monster attack you?!

Pooh: No, it didn't.

Eeyore: Now we're all here, what are gonna do about it?

Timmy: Hey what's this?

Otis: Looks like a Portal machine.

Human Applejack: It look kind of cool.

Pooh: I wonder it will do.

Rabbit: Maybe is a machine, that make something.

Otis: I'll be pressing these Buttons will solve the mystery.

Human Fluttershy: Um, I think that's not a good idea, Otis.

Otis: What can happen.

Wanda: If you press the red button something bad will happen.

Tigger: Yeah, so don't!

Otis: Guys, I apperciate your concern, but the button is big and shiny and looks like candy, so--

All: NO!!!

(Than Otis push the the red button and the machine turn on and its starring to Partal on Pooh and his friends)

Otis: Whoops. That's a big pile of not good.

"It's Show Time"

(Everyone comes out of the Portal)

Piglet: Where are we?

Tigger: I wish I knew?

Announcer: Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen. Today's appearance of Barney is made possible by... Your Imagination!

Pooh: Oh, I know where we are.

All: We're?!

(A san Castle come in, as Barney comes to life through the curtains onto the stage and the theme song begins playing)

Barney: This gonna be great! (Chuckles) Oh, hi everybody!

Ending Scene

Peter: The end.

[The power comes back on and the Griffins cheer]

Peter: Well, let's see Weekender's Adventures top this one.

Chris: Actually, I think they did a pretty good job of that already, Dad.

Peter: Well, I'll have to take your word for it. I don't watch Disney's UK Shows.

Chris: It's on American version, too, Dad. I'm pretty sure you know that.

Peter: I don't know that. I haven't seen that show in a while and I don't know that anyone else has.

Chris: I think plenty of people have. Their fans are pretty loyal to them.

Peter: Oh, yeah? All 42 of them?

Chris: I'm not gonna let you get to me this time, Dad. I'm not gonna let you get to me.

Peter: Well, maybe I got time for another story then. It's called Without a Paddle.

Chris: I hate you, Dad!


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