This is the transcript of Winnie the Pooh Gets Frozen.




Elsa sings Let it Go


The Heroes Meets Olaf/Summer Song

(Now we go to the frozen land)






Prince Hans' True Color

Final Battle/Hans Tries to Kill Elsa/Mega Charizard X's Death/Mega Charizard X's Heart reattached

Prince Hans' and the Villains' Defeated

Happy Endings


(In the Southern Isles, Hans is sitting lonely in his cell. Suddenly, an explosion bursts through the wall and mysterious figures stood there in the smoke.)

Lysandre: I've been waiting a long time to meet you, Prince Hans.

Prince Hans: What? Who are you and how'd you know my name?

(One figure steps out of the smoke and reveals himself to be Lysandre and his two Pokémon are a Male Pyroar and a Shiny Gyarados.)

Lysandre: I am Lysandre, Leader of the Kalos Region's villainous organization, Team Flare. And I have to say, I am mostly impressed by your sinister intentions.

Prince Hans: You... you've seen this? Didn't you?

Lysandre: Yes. We saw the whole thing that a stuffed bear toy named Pooh Bear and his friends have manage to defeat you and your army. So when you try to kill Elsa, but your plan failed. So I thought I would come here to help you out to break free from being prisoned in the Southern Isles, so you can join me and my recruits.

Prince Hans: Wait, you want me to join forces with you?

Lysandre: Exactly. In fact, we've come to make a deal with you.

Prince Hans: We?

Maleficent: Yes.

(Maleficent, Jafar, Mr. Ross, King Nixel and their Pokémon Team appears)

Prince Hans: Who are you guys?

Maleficent: We are recruits of Lysandre. I'm Maleficent.

Jafar: I'm Jafar.

Mr. Ross: My name's Mr. Ross. These are my Pokémon Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Duskull, and Murkrow.

King Nixel: And I'm King Nixel, the king of all Nixels. And these are Banette, my Male Frillish, Yamask and Seismitoad.

Prince Hans: Recruits, huh? So, Lysandre, what's the deal?

Lysandre: The deal is this. My purpose is to transform this world into an exquisite example of creation.

Prince Hans: Exquisite example of creation? Why?

Jafar: Because Lysandre claims that this world is imperfect and humanity needs to face the consequences.

Maleficent: He said that they've forgotten how to share.

Mr. Ross: And because of that, calamity is beginning to spread. In order to live in peace, we must destroy every life form on this planet.

King Nixel: Only the chosen ones will survive.

Prince Hans: Really. And what's in it for me?

Xerosic: If you will help us out. Then together we will destroy your enemies and recreate this world.

Prince Hans: I'm interested. I will help you out recreate this world, if you and your recruits help me out to get revenge on those heroes and so as my mortal enemy... Ash Ketchum.

Lysandre: Very well then.

Jafar: We want revenge on our mortal enemy too.

Maleficent: Ash has always defeated us, so when we become more powerful we'll kill him. And our revenge will be complete.

Lysandre: So what do you say. Do we have a deal?

Prince Hans: Deal.

(Lysandre and Prince Hans shake hands as an unholy partnership has unlikely been formed.)

Lysandre: All right, let's get to work. Then we'll help you out get revenge on your enemies. I also need more recruits to help me and my organization out. We also need to revive the DigiDestined's enemy named "Apocalymon" as well.

King Nixel: We'll do sir.

Jafar: We'll revive him and bring more recruits for you.

Maleficent: As you wish.

(Now we go to Lysandre's Lab. In the lab we see Lysandre and his recruits taking Prince Hans a tour)

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