This is a transcript to Winnie the Pooh Gets Spirited Away.

The Middle of Nowhere

  • Voice: "I'll miss you, Chihiro. Your best friend, Lily."

Those are the exact words as read on that note, attached to a bouquet of flowers. Those words were the exact same lines from her old friend to Chihiro Ogino. This was just before Chihiro and her family, which consisted of her mother and father, left their home. But where would this Chihiro go from here, it was yet to be certain. All she knew was that she was off to some place new; however, she wasn't happy.

  • Mr. Ogino: (Offscreen) Chihiro? Chihiro, we're almost there.

Chihiro slowly lowers the bouquet to reveals Chihiro herself. Her feet is leaned onto the car window. The girl looks heavily depressed, as she gazes out the window watching the scenery pass by.

  • Mrs. Ogino: This really is in the middle of nowhere. I'm gonna have to go to the next town to shop.
  • Mr. Ogino: We'll just have to learn to like it. 

Chihiro looks at the windshielf as buildings go by. For the past few hours, all Chihiro's parents talked about was this new home and what the town had to offer for them. But never once had they even acknowledged how Chihiro felt about it. But even if they did, it didn't matter because they had their minds set on this move for a while. All Chihiro could do was listen and stare out into space and nobody would really notice her.

  • Mr. Ogino: Look, Chihiro, there's your new school. Looks great, doesn't it?
  • Mrs. Ogino: It doesn't look so bad.

Chihiro scoot up in the backseat to sit up, at least to get a good view of this school her parents noticed. She peers out the window and sticks out her tongue, then goes back down. As if already jumping to the conclusion that she won't like it before she even experienced it.

  • Chihiro: It kinda stinks. I like my old school. (Gasps and looks at the flowers) Mom! My flowers are dying!
  • Mrs. Ogino: I told you not to smother them like that. We'll put them in water when we get to our new home.
  • Chihiro: I finally get a bouquet and it's a goodbye present. That's depressing. (Sinks backto the backseat)
  • Mrs. Ogino: (Picks up a card) Daddy bought you a rose for your birthday, don't you remember?
  • Chihiro: Yeah, one. Just one rose isn't a bouquet.
  • Mrs. Ogino: (Hands the card to her) Hold on to your card, I'm opening the window. (A breeze goes through) And quit whining. It's fun to move to a new place. It's an adventure.

Chihiro looks out the open window as power lines go by along with beautiful trees. On the highway, their car turns right towards a neighborhood on the hills.

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Part 5

We Have an Intruder

Rain clouds began to form into sky with a chance of rain about to arrive. By now, Yubaba and her bed had just returned from their travels, wherever it may have been. As if by magic, the city comes to life once again. Sen, Pooh and the others arrive back in the dorms assisting Lin with putting away the sleeping bags.

  • Lin: Where were you guys? I was really worried.
  • Sen: We're sorry.

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