Winnie the Pooh Goes Walking with Prehistoric Beasts (originally released as Pooh's Adventures of Walking with Prehistoric Beasts) is a Winnie the Pooh crossover package film made by TtarkosaurusRex2. It appeared on YouTube in February 2009, but was then removed, due to copyright claims. A new remake version of this package film made by Daniel Esposito and Shadow101815 will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Winnie the Pooh and his friends take another time-traveling vacation to the prehistoric era, but this time, they discover prehistoric beasts.


  • Both versions of this package film use the US version of the BBC documentary mini-series Walking with Beasts under the title Walking with Prehistoric Beasts.
  • Reese Ambler originally planned to co-direct the remake version of this film with Daniel Esposito, but he retired from the Pooh's Adventures League, so Shadow101815 will co-direct the remake version instead.

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