This will be the transcript for the remake of Winnie the Pooh Visits the Tower of Terror.

On the Road

(The story begins with the Cryptkeeper singing and riding on his motorcylce)


Oh I'm C. C.K. Rider.

Got some scary tales to tell.

On a midnight run to madness.

I gonna highway to...

  • Cryptkeeper: Hello, boils and ghouls. Welcome to the second half of ghoulish Halloween Feature. As you can see I'm taking this terror tale on the road. Out for a little fresh "scare" you might say. (chuckles) It's a ghastly little vial bubbler that takes place in the sweltering, normal town that has a not so normal haunting building that's called...(suddenly interrupted by a old voice)
  • ???: Guess who?

(Crypt looks in the mirror and it happened to be the Old Witch driving a giant spider with a pumkin on top)

  • Old Witch: What did one ghost say to the other ghost? Don't forget to fasten your seatbelt. (laughs) Now move it or lose it Crypty! (moves ahead of him)
  • Cryptkeper: Some drivers are real animals. Not to mention their vehicles.
  • ???: A undertaker statement Cryptkeeper.

(It was the Vaultkeeper driving his monster truck and boxing in Cryptkeeper)

  • Cryptkeeper: I'm boxed in. Trapped. Now I know how our heroes feel in this snare raising story. It's a blood chilling tale about that bear and his friends going to a hotel that still has ghosts in the elevator. I called it...Winnie the Pooh Visits the Tower of Terror.

Prolouge/1939 Halloween Diaster

(The movie starts at Lincoln and his sisters arrived at Piglet's house getting ready to scare Pooh and the gang)

  • Lincoln: Just wait until they see the looks on their faces.
  • Lori: Me either.
  • Lucy: This is gonna be the best Halloween ever. I'm so excited. (shows a little change in the emotion]
  • Lincoln: [to the audience] Trust me. She's excited.
  • Lynn: Let's get it on.
  • Louds': (knocking the door) Trick or Treat!

(The door opened showing Pooh, Piglet and Tigger in their Halloween masks.)

  • Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger: Boo!

(Lincoln and his sisters blinked in silence until they burst out of laughing.)

  • Tigger: Would you look at that. We frightened them so much, they forgot to scream. Whoo-hoo-hoo!
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh, bother. I don't think we frightened them, Piglet.
  • Piglet: Oh, dear. Didn't we scare you at all, Lincoln?
  • Lincoln: Maybe just a little bit.
  • Lucy: Not me.
  • Pip: We should have gone that plan with Pig.
  • Pig: Thank you.
  • Leni: So why are you guys wearing these mask, anyway?
  • Tigger: What? Why, these are Halloween masks, Leni-Girl. Whoo-hoo-hoo! I guess they’re still new here.
  • Timmy Turner: Well Tigger, it turns out this is The Louds first Halloween adventure with us after all.
  • Tigger: No kidding? What are you do of your Heffaween... I mean, Halloween?
  • Lincoln: We sometimes go trick or treating.
  • Lola: And win the scariest house contest. And that's mostly it.
  • Otis: So you guys never have a adventures on Halloween before?
  • Lana: Not at all.
  • Winnie the Pooh: Well, then, we must make this a very special night, indeed.
  • Tigger: Well, what're we waiting for? Somebody get these kids some candy.
  • Rabbit: No! No candy for anyone. Not until the proper time to go trick-or-treating.
  • Louds: Awww.
  • Wanda: He’s right guys, rules are rules.
  • Timmy Turner: Oh come on Wanda, rules are just stupid.
  • Cosmo: Timmy's right, Wanda.
  • Lola: She always like this?
  • Cosmo: Yeah. All 3 of us go on adventures that mostly fun. Which is weird, because normally Wanda the one killing it.
  • Wanda: Stop it, Cosmo!
  • Cosmo: See?

(Then Simba scared Timon)

  • Simba: (Laughs) 
  • Timon: Oh, I guess I forgot to check my Calendar. Its it Scare out the hair of the meerkat day?!
  • Simba: Oh come on Timon, I was just having fun for once, that’s all. (He smiles big) 
  • Timon: Yeah, do you mind putting those things in a different direction. It getting to poke someone’s eye out over here. 
  • Simba: (Sighs) Whatever you say, Timon. 

(Then Tino and his friends are arrived)

Tish: Well, we're here.

Pooh: Tino. So glad you could make it.

TIno: We wouldn't miss it for anything.

Getting Out of a Monster Jam

  • Cryptkeeper: So you see, even though Abigal wasn't popular or gets the attention, doesn't mean you should take your revenge on your sister. Luckily, our heroes helped her learned her lesson before any of them went down. To their graves that is. (chuckles)
  • Old Witch: I'll take care of you if you don't get off my bumper, you worm bucket!
  • Vaultkeeper: There's only one problem with monster trucks, Cryptkeeper. You have to feed them (laughs as his truck gnaws on the pipe of Crypt's bike)
  • Cryptkeeper: Two can play at that game, Vaultkeeper. Fortunaltely I bought this sinsister cycle from James Burns. (turns on the Nitro)
  • Vaultkeeper: Oh.

(Suddenly Crypt flew in the air, leaving the Old Witch and Vault with nothing but the wheels and the air bags exploded)

  • Cryptkeeper: That's for this adventure. So til, next time, stay ghoul. (a wolf howls) And happy Halloween. (laughs off into the night)

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