Winnie the Pooh and Mickey's House of Villains It's the 2nd Winnie the Pooh / House of Mouse Crossover Special Movie by BowserMovies1989 and It Will Appear on Youtube in A Near Future


It is Halloween night at the House of Mouse, and a lot of villains are showing up. Jafar has a trick in store for the usual heroes of the House, but the villains have to wait until midnight for him to unleash it.

After a series of cartoons, Jafar, along with Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, Ursula and Hades, takes over the house with a musical number "It's Our House Now!" All the other villains soon join the gang. The heroes are trapped in the kitchen while Winnie the Pooh, Bloom, Ash Ketchum, SpongeBob SquarePants, Leonardo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, Scooby-Doo, Mickey and several others are thrown out into the street. They witness the House's name being changed to the House of Villains.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie try to take their House back, but Chernabog and The Psycho Rangers keeps them from entering the building. Then, Mickey dresses in his sorcerer outfit from Fantasia (andFantasia 2000) and challenges Jafar to a magical duel using fireballs. Just when Mickey's sorcerer hat is knocked off, Aladdin escapes from the kitchen, flying on the magic carpet and gives Daisy Duck the magical lamp. Daisy hands it to Mickey who uses the lamp to suck Jafar into it Sending Back To The Underworld. The rest of the villains flee and the House of Mouse is restored.