Winnie the Pooh and The Amazing Panda is an upcoming film to be made by CarltonHeroes. It will appear in a near future.


Ryan Tyler's father Michael sends him a plane ticket so that he can visit him in China, where he works with pandas. Ryan is not sure he wants to go, but his mother says he can just come back if he doesn't like it.

In China, Michael and his two companions, Ling, a young girl and translator, and Chu, Ling's grandfather who is very experienced with pandas track down a mother panda and place a radio collar on her. After they leave, she steps into a trap. Back at the reserve, Michael and the staff recognize from the radio signal that the panda is in danger. Just as Michael, Ling and Chu set out to visit the panda, Ryan arrives at the reserve. After some argument, Michael lets him come.

The poachers who set up the trap, Shong and Po, accidentally shoot Michael in the ankle, and flee with the panda's cub. Michael and the mother panda are returned to the reserve by helicopter, and Ling, Chu, and Ryan look for the poachers.

The poachers shoot the bridge that Ryan and Ling are crossing, and the two of them and the panda are washed downstream. Ryan realizes that he can use the batteries in his watch to power the radio collar and enable his father to locate them.

Attempting to make their way back to the reserve with the cub, they come upon a local village that grants them hospitality for protecting the cub. However, Shong and Po have also arrived. The villagers help the trio escape, but the poachers follow. Michael arrives and subdues the poachers, and Michael, Ryan, Ling, and the cub drive back to the reserve. The Chinese officials who were going to close the reserve see Ryan returning the cub and decide to let it remain open.


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