(Band playing)

(Cornelius goes into the palace)

Madame: Please stop fidgeting, Pom.

Flora: You look very handsome, Pom.

Madame: He most certainly does, Flora. You remind me so much of your father.

Celeste: Please stop fidgeting, Babar.

Madame: In more ways than one.

Babar: Thank you, Celeste. Now if I can just find my...speech. (Celeste pokes him) What would I do without you.

(The Soccer ball appears)

Celeste: Alexander, why aren't you practicing with your team?

Alexander: What's the use, we're in last place. (Babar and Celeste look at each other) Besides, I'm a captain of the team. (kicks the ball out of the opened window and through the balcony) I can take an afternoon off once in awhile.

(The ball falls into the tuba)

(The member of the band blows his tuba hard)

(The ball flies back up onto the balcony and through the window)

Alexander: We can work on my model airplane, Father.

Babar: I would love to play too, Alexander, but I have a speech to give to the people of Celesteville.

Alexander: But you're a king, Father, you can take an afternoon off.

Pom: Yeah. I can get outta this uniform before I choke.

Babar: Because I'm a king, I must do many things that I would sometimes rather not do, children. We all have responsibilities to others. I found that out the hard way. A very long time ago, (the screen fades to the backstory) back in the days before I was king. Before there was Celesteville, back of the days of your grandmother, my mother. My old friends, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore came into the jungle.

Tigger: Water! Water!

Pooh: Honey! Honey!

Rabbit: It's the end, I tell you! We're lost, fried in the desert's sun.

Piglet: Uh, excuse me.

Rabbit: (continues) Scorched in a sealing sands. We're--Whoa! (Falls into the water) Aparts in the water-look swathe land. We're--we're--Does anyone have a towel?

(The screen fades to where the elephants see the baby Babar with his mother)

Female elephant: Oh, isn't he cute?

Baby Babar: Babar, Babar.

Old king: (clears throat) We must choose a name for the new baby. Suggestion, Cornelius?

Cornelius: Yes, uh, uh, uh, somethings distinguished, I should think. Perhaps Horatio or Archimedes, not to mention...

Old king: Pompadour?

Pompadour: Pierre!

(Baby Babar hiccups)

Baby Babar: Babar!

Babar's mother: I think Babar would be nice.

Old king: All in favor of Pierre? (Pompadour's head turns up with his smile, that is,but the elephants stare at him and Pompadour frowns) All in favor of Babar?

(The elephants trumpet)

Cornelius: My tusks, only a few hours old and the boy's already help our elephant family make decisions.

(The elephants trumpet again)

Babar's mother: (laughs) It's all right, Babar, that's the traditional elephant family welcome. Just for you.

(Baby Babar stands up and walks)

(Baby Babar tries to trumpet but sputters and falls down)

Cornelius: My tusks, what he lacks in volume he certainly makes up for in heart.

Old king: Yes, Cornelius, young Babar is going to make a fine addition to the family.

(Babar whimpers)

Babar's mother: My little baby Babar.

Baby Babar: Mama.

Babar's mother: I love you, Babar.

Babar: (narrating) Everything was new and exciting.

Young Babar: Wow!

Babar's mother: Now be careful!

Babar: (getting into the water) Weeee!

(He begins to drown himself)

Babar: (narrating) Did I have a lot to learn.

(Babar's mother takes Babar out of the water)

(Young Babar coughs)

Babar's mother: Use your trunk, Babar, you'll find it's the most wonderful invention since the tail.

(The screen fades to where the elephants walk)

Babar: (narrating) The older I got, the more determined I was, that nothing would stand in my way.

(He bumps at the stump)

(He begins to grab it, grunting, but it's strong and stuck and too big for him)

Babar's mother: Don't worry, Babar. That stump's been around a lot longer than you have. You tried, that's what's important.

(He walks with his mother but he turns to the stump and then continues turning back and walking)

(Young Babar gets into the water with his trunk out)

Babar: (narrating) As the months passed, I caught on. (Young Babar begins to drown again) Eventually.

(Babar's mother saves him)

Young Babar: Aw, Mama.

(Young Babar sees the stump and roars and runs to grab it is still strong for him)

Babar's mother: Still won't budge, Babar?

Young Babar: No, but I'll beat it someday.

Babar's mother: I'm sure you will, someday.


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