Winnie the Pooh in Mickey's Showtime (Disneyland Paris Show) is another upcoming Winnie the Pooh/Disney parks crossover film planned to be made by RatiganRules. It is unknown when the film will be made.


  • Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn Mallard, Honker Muddlefoot, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi, Brock, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ruby, Chomper, Guido, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, King Louie, The Vultures, Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, Pegasus, Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Pascal, Maximus, Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Abu, Iago, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Alice, The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the March Hare, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, the Penguins of Madagascar, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, Pinocchio, Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Roxy, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Chanticleer, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Jessie, Bullseye, Mike Wazoski,James P. Sullivan "Sulley", Mr. Incredible, Elasticgirl, Voilet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr, Frozone, the Gummi Bears, Danny, Sawyer, Pudge, Berloiz, Toulouse, Marie, Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jazz Fenton, Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Gwen, Trent, Owen, Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, Lindsay, Tyler, Beth, DJ, Harold, Leshawna, Geoff Bridgette, Cody, Sierra, Zoey, Mike, Sam, Dakota, Dawn, B, Jo, Brick, Cameron, Anne Maria, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Napoleon, Birdo, Kenai, Koda, Rutt and Tuke, Roger Rabbit, Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Spot, Mulan, Mushu, Cri-Kee, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will guest star in this film.
  • It is unknown if Lilo and Stitch will appear in this film or not.
  • The reason Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, Rafiki, and Zazu are guest starring in this is because Timon appeared in the real show.

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