Winnie the Pooh in Mickey's Starland Show is a film to be made by RatiganRules. It will appear in YouTube in the near future.


  • Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi, Brock, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafiki, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie, Abu, Iago, Terk, Tantor, Princess Tiana, Louis, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, The Penguins of Madagascar, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Sebastian, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Mushu, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Webby, Chip and Dale (Rescue Rangers), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety, The Vultures, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto,  Jake Long, Fu Dog, Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Michael Darling, John Darling, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, Roger Rabbit, Jean-Bob, Speed, Puffin, Chanticleer, Princess Merida, Rapunzel, Princess Anna, Elsa the Snow Queen, The Toy Story Gang, the Incredibles, Yogi Bear and his friends, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, The Recess Gang, Phineas and Ferb and their friends, and others guest star in this film.
  • This film will use the 1993-1996 version which has Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Goof Troop, and Bonkers.
  • The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Goof Troop, Bonkers, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid all aired in the Disney Afternoon. Also, Zummi Gummi, Gruffi Gummi, Scrooge McDuck, Chip and Dale, Gadget Hackwrench, and Roger Rabbit appeared in the Mickey's Magical TV World shows at Mickey's Starland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
  • Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Tantor, Darkwing Duck, King Louie, and Bonkers D. Bobcat are voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Goofy and Pluto are voiced by Bill Farmer.

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