Green Preview Bumper

("We're Gonna Take a Walk Outside Today" plays.)

Logos: Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Columbia Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, and a Yru17 edition

Winnie the Pooh and his friends have made many animal friends on their adventures.

(showing Scooby-Doo, Basil, Dawson, Olivia, Charlie, Itchy, and more as examples)

Now together with Pooh's other friends from the 100 Acre Wood...

(showing Darby, Buster, Lumpy, Roo, and Kanga)

...and some special guest stars...

(showing Ash and the gang, Simba and his friends, and SpongeBob and his friends)

...their newest adventure takes them to a farm, where they meet a cat named Milo and a dog named Otis.

Pooh and gang: Oh.

Ash and Brock: Oh.

Timon and Pumbaa: Oh.

Patrick: Oh.

One day, Milo went inside a box and went through the river.

Rabbit: What are you doing?

Misty: This is going to be dangerous.

Pooh, Ash, Simba, SpongeBob, and their friends joined Otis on his quest to find his friend...

Timon: Come on, Pumbaa. Let's ride.

SpongeBob: Patrick, let's go find Milo.

(SpongeBob and Patrick run quickly.)

...and help the two find their way back home.

Rabbit: Oh, thank goodness you're safe.

Tigger: We're so glad to see you.

Narrator: (as Otis) "Hah. Are you all right?" (as himself) Otis asked. (then as Milo) "You have no idea what I've been through: bears, snakes, even seagulls."

Disney, Columbia Pictures, and Nickelodeon Movies present

A re-edited film by Yru17

"Winnie the Pooh in The Adventures of Milo and Otis"

Coming Soon to Google Drive

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