This is the story of "Winnie the Pooh in The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective". You can read along with me in your book. You will know when it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this. (chimes ring) Let's begin now.

It was the time of Queen Mousetoria's Diamond Jubilee. Inside a London toy shop, Olivia Flaversham and her father were celebrating Olivia's birthday. "Olivia, I made this just for you. Happy Birthday!" Mr. Flaversham wound up a tiny toy ballerina and set it dancing on the table. Olivia hugged her father. "Thank you, father. It's beautiful."

(chimes ringing, page turned)

Suddenly, the door handle shook. Someone was trying to break in. Olivia's father opened the closet and push her inside. "Stay in there and don't come out."

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